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Dear Fellow Marketer, Shane Farrell here on behalf of The IM Rebels. We’re the guys behind courses including Breakthrough Adsense Profits, FB App Cash and The Goofball’s Guide to Email Marketing.

List building, traffic generation, blogging and affiliate marketing are our specialties. Our methods have helped thousands of students create lasting success online. But enough about us. What’s the most common goal of anyone trying to create an online income?

Consistent. Daily. Profits.

Everyday, we get a similar question from students and followers. “How do I create a reliable, daily income online?”

Truth is, it’s not that tough to turn a profit online these days. You can do it with eCom, list building, CPA, affiliate marketing and literally dozens of other methods.

But the trick is to turn “hit and miss” cash into a reliable income. A cash flow you can count on, that DOESN’T rely on a method that might stop working tomorrow.

The Secret Of The World’s First - And Best - Affiliate Marketers

Way back in the early days of the internet, things were a lot different. People actually did things they liked, instead of just chasing commissions.

In fact, the original affiliate marketers were bloggers. People that shared content in areas of personal interest and built a following.

Before long, successful bloggers attracted so much targeted traffic that companies approached THEM, asking if they’d promote relevant products for commissions.

And online affiliate marketing was born.

These Days, Affiliate Marketing Is Backwards!

Think about it. Most affiliates today find an offer they want to promote, then go and try to drive traffic.

Wouldn’t it be EASIER and SIMPLER to have targeted traffic FIRST, and then put appropriate offers in front of that traffic?

The System That Worked FIRST Still Works Best!

Just imagine, pursuing a PERSONAL interest online, and getting paid extremely well for doing it. That, friends, is what authority blogging is all about.

You get targeted traffic - people that have shown an interest in what YOU have to say. You become an expert in their eyes … and the best part?

They tell YOU what they need! So instead of “selling”, all you do is offer a solution. Result? EFFORTLESS sales and commissions every time you make a simple recommendation.

Build A Following FIRST And The Commissions Find You!

This simple strategy drives incredible results:

That’s 3-4 Figure PROFITS PER Email To A Subscriber List Built Using This EXACT Method

Will these methods work for you? Don’t take our word for it, check out what just some of our students have to say about our courses:

After testing dozens of methods and releasing multiple award winning courses, we’ve come up with a blueprint that flat out works.

In 30 short days - and for some, considerably less - you too can have an online property that drives you consistent daily profits.

This is the core behind our entire business, driving passive traffic 24/7 to everything we have on offer. Once setup, it’s so easy to maintain that you’d be crazy not to follow the exact same system.

Don’t Want To Create Products?

You don’t have to - with this method, you’ll have so much targeted traffic that you can monetize in multiple ways, WITHOUT product creation (we’ll show you how)...

We haven't done a 'launch' in over a year. We just use the power of our blog to continue to grow our list and make affiliate sales day in and day out. 


Our goal with 30 Day Blog Breakthrough was to create a simple blueprint ANYONE could follow for consistent, positive online results.

To meet our standards, the course had to be able to:

  • Show anyone, including complete beginners, how to create an online asset that drives consistent daily profits
  • Break every step down into simple daily tasks that take no more than an hour each day
  • Provide positive and lasting results within 30 days

That’s Exactly What We’ve Done And Here Are The Results:

Over $1,100 In Commissions With A Single Email ...

 It's Simple... Follow The Blueprint & Start Earning

Everything You Need Is Covered:

  • Exactly how to choose a niche that you both ENJOY and is profitable
  • How to find an audience EAGER to buy whatever you have to offer
  • Setting up your blog for MAXIMUM free, targeted search engine traffic
  • The pages you MUST have, and how to create them
  • Leveraging social media for viral traffic on demand
  • Simple steps to turn your blog into a list building machine
  • How to EASILY create content that engages viewers and gets shared for even more free traffic
  • Multiple ways to monetize for hands free profits 24/7

Grab 30 Day Blog Breakthrough At This Exclusive Launch Discount!

Online income is one thing. Consistent online income? That’s the dream. It’s not enough to make a few bucks here and there.

Always guessing, wondering if “tomorrow” will be the day that profits roll in. That’s no way to live, and is the reason over 95% of online marketers NEVER break through.

This is your ticket. Your BLUEPRINT to a proven method that works in practically any niche, for anyone that takes simple action.

Build A REAL Business YOU Can Be Proud Of

Ever try explaining to friends and family what you do online? For many, that’s an embarrassing, confusing conversation.

As the owner of an authority blog, that conversation gets really easy. It goes a bit like this:

“I create and share content online, and earn commissions for offering effective solutions to my followers”.

It’s no surprise that top authority sites ALL have related blogs. They KNOW that blogging means more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales. Why reinvent the wheel? Just do what works!

List Building And Online Profit Made SO MUCH Easier

  • Create a list building machine that generates subscribers on autopilot
  • Turn your interests into evergreen income - literally get paid to play!
  • Master targeted traffic forever so you can promote for profit anytime you want
  • Build authority, build your brand and become the “go-to” person in your niche
  • Achieve ALL of the above in 30 minutes a day

How Is 30 Day Blog Breakthrough Going To Make You Money?

Simple - inside you’ll find a step by step blueprint that breaks everything down for you into an easy to follow plan. You get a DAILY schedule that takes you from scratch to a profitable blog in 30 days or less. Here’s a summary of what’s waiting for you inside:

Week One - The Foundation

How to find a profitable niche that interests you; where to find your audience; how to set your blog up for maximum organic traffic.

Week Two - Branding, Traffic & Authority

Creating content that converts; leveraging social media for viral traffic; building a brand and email list.

Week Three - Putting Your Authority Blog Together

Pillar blog posts that drive traffic; fueling the traffic pump with content; optimizing for maximum conversions.

Week 4 - Show Me The Money!

Multiple ways to monetize your blog; how to analyze results to improve conversions; blog launch final preparations.

And To Multiply Your Results With The Training...

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How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

Simple. We guarantee it.

The UNCONDITIONAL IM Rebels No Nonsense Guarantee

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pick up 30 Day Blog Breakthrough today and ALL the risk is on us. Take it for a test drive for the next month.

If you don’t feel it lives up to every realistic claim made on this page, just get in touch with our support desk for a complete refund. But we’re not stopping there.

Put the methods to use for the next 60 days. If, after taking action, you don’t have a blog that drives consistent traffic, puts subscribers on your list, and makes you easy affiliate commissions …

Then we don’t want your money! At that point, you have 2 choices. You can contact us and we’ll do everything we can to get you on track to success. Or, you can simply request a refund and we’ll make it happen, completely hassle free.

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose when you take action today. We’re here to see you succeed, and your investment is completely covered by our no nonsense guarantee.

Time To Decide.

Are you SERIOUS about creating a CONSISTENT online income?

By setting up a REAL online business you can be proud of?

That takes - on average - about 30 minutes per day to maintain?

If so, then take action now. Join us and let us personally show you exactly how to make it happen.

To your continued success,

The IM Rebels: Shane Farrell, Brian Gray & Mark Tandan
P.S. This stuff works and we can say that not just due to our own results, but based on the results of our students. This is NOT a “get rich quick scheme” or unethical method. It’s based on the best practices of top bloggers and affiliates with a proven track record of success.

P.P.S. 30 days from now, you could either be still wondering how to create consistent online income, or be enjoying it with a tiny investment today and about 30 minutes of your time each day. And with our no nonsense guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

You know what to do.