5 Strategies to Improve Productivity Today

This whole “internet lifestyle” thing can be GREAT, but when you get down to it, you’ve just got to find some productive time each day to devote to your business.

The benefits of productivity just can’t be overstated. With a tiny bit of discipline and sharp focus, you CAN accomplish more in shorter periods of time than most people would ever think possible.

As mentioned in this earlier post, you’ve got to find ways to shut out distraction during those peak productive hours.

Here’s a concise list of my five favorite strategies to improve productivity today:

#1 – Keep The Big Picture In Mind – whether you’re writing a Kindle book, creating an info product or starting a new list building campaign, remind yourself CONSTANTLY of the big picture. That way any minor issues that crop up won’t bother you nearly as much as they could, and you’ll steamroll right over ‘em.

#2 – Get Your Most Important Tasks Dealt With First, Each Day – these can be EASY to put off, but if you follow The Rule of 3 you should never have more than 3 crucial “to dos” for each day. Tackle them first, and then you have all kinds of options. Some days you can choose to get more done, others you can reward yourself and enjoy some leisure time.

#3 – Follow The “Work – Treat” Principle – after every hour of truly productive work, treat yourself! Whether that’s a coffee break, 15 minutes with a great book, a non-business related phone call, whatever floats your boat. The key to the “treat” is to ensure it has NOTHING to do with business, because the break alone boosts your productivity.
This one can be extended as well. Let’s say you have an exceptionally productive day. Then you can boost the “treat” time because heck, you earned it! For example, I got boatloads done today so took off for a gruelling 90 minute cycle in the hills. Doesn’t sound like a treat? You should see the young lady I was riding with…

#4 – Kind of stems from the last part of point 3. Challenge yourself physically. Of course, consult your physician first and all that because heck, it’s the right thing to do BUT:
Moderately strenuous exercise releases endorphins that just plain old make you feel better. And when you feel better, you’re more positive so when you get back to the tasks at hand they’re WAY easier to accomplish and your productivity absolutely soars. Side bonus? “Moderately strenuous exercise” can take many forms (wink wink)…

#5 – Get up STUPID EARLY. This one was the hardest for me but now I’m up before 5 each morning. What a difference. You can knock out a couple hours of pure GOLD before any distractions get in the way, because everyone else is asleep.
My treat for this? An afternoon siesta. Funnily, there’s science to back up the fact that the longest you should sleep in one stretch is for 6 hours. So for me I break it down into 6 overnight and about a 1 hour nap in the afternoon. Works like a CHARM.

That’s it. 5 simple productivity hacks you can put in place to get more done, each and every day. So you have MORE time to enjoy the benefits of this whole internet lifestyle thing.

Got some of your own strategies to improve productivity?

Love to hear them – get in touch by commenting or posting on the Facebook page!

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