Affiliate Marketing: Real Results For Real People, Part 1

Affiliate Marketing is kind of like the dream job, right?

Hardly do any work yourself and make a tidy profit off of the hard efforts of other product creators.

At least that’s how a lot of people make it sound. To a point, they’re right, but not always.

There are a heck of a lot more people NOT earning with affiliate promos than those that actually are.

So the point of this series is to outline an effective strategy for newer affiliates to actually make commissions. It’s broken up into 3 short videos, and at the end of each there’ll be a link to the next session.

In this 1st session, let’s look at competition. You have 2 choices:

1) Target super hot new launches by the biggest vendors around. The REASON most newer affiliates hardly crack a sale or 2 with this method is they get pushed out of the action by much more experienced affiliates. Sure you can give this method a go, but you’d better have a very healthy list and be willing to set up one heck of a bonus package, to even keep you in the running.

Or, you could select option 2:

2)  Avoid the competition altogether! This worked extremely well for me when I got started and still does today. With this option, we choose evergreen products that are well out of launch phase, or newer products by lesser known product creators. In both cases, competition will be significantly reduced and your chances of driving commissions go up exponentially.

In this video we’ll examine the benefits of evergreen and under the radar products. Enjoy!

Click here to move on to Part Two of the series where we’ll discover how to find evergreen and high converting products that fit your audience and put cash in your pocket!

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