Are You An Action Taker?

As you know, I am personally an action taker.

When people tell me they are writing one blog post per week and ask me if they should write more, I cringe. Because I know that most of the time when I tell them to write 3-5 a day, they will tell me they cannot.

When people tell me it has taken  2 years to create their first product and it’s not finished yet, I show them how to do it in a week – and most people don’t do the work.

Look, I know for some people it’s a time thing. If you literally don’t have any free time…then you probably don’t have time to create an online business.

But for most people, I find they have 3-6 hours per day that could be used for building their business.

The problem is, they are focusing on all the wrong things in their free time.

Reading emails.  Surfing the web. Liking nonsense on Facebook. Watching Netflix.   Buying products to find out how to do something they don’t need in their business anyhow.

Instead, if they were to simply focus and do the work – they would get results.

For example, I’m finishing up a new blog. Yesterday I wrote and edited for 4 hours.  Today I wrote and edited for 4 hours. Last week I spent about 20 hours on this blog.

That’s in addition to my coaching clients, answering emails, launching a new training program for list building with a partner, and much more. Did I mention moving to Virginia in two days and have boxes piled up all around me.  Oh yeah, and I got out for golf 3 times in the past 5 days.

But I only work 40 hours a week when I’m in town.  Much less when we travel.

So what about you?

What could you do tonight to change things in your life?

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.


Could you turn off the TV and just write for 4 hours?

How many pages in a new book could you write in 4 hours?

How many blog posts could you write?

Or maybe you are recording a new video training course. You could record…

4 hours of new content (it only takes 4 hours to record 4 hours of content 🙂

You could write a sales letter in 4 hours.

And if you did one of these things tonight, what could you do tomorrow?

And Friday?

And the next day after that?

Could you see how by taking action tonight, you could change the rest of your life?

Take action.

Do the next thing that needs to be done in your business.

I sure hope this helps you!

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