Online Marketing Success? It’s Child’s Play

How do you succeed at online marketing? Forget your age. The older we get, the more we confuse things. Online marketing? Freaking impossible right? With all the options of product selection, traffic and positioning … we get stuck getting ANY business off the ground. Try telling that to a kid. A kid that wants to…

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Sales Copy: Maximize Conversions By IGNORING Salesmen, Cheats & Liars

Sales Copy Stats

Like many, I have personal opinions about sales copy and sales pages in general. For instance, I really don’t like “video-only” sales pages, that force me to watch an entire video to get the message. I’m a scroller – and would much rather READ the key points than wait around to hear about them. But that’s…

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7 Proven Keys To Persuade Customers To Buy Your Upsell Offer

If you want to make more money with your business, one good place to start is right after someone buys your front end product or right on the order form itself. Think about it… You have a prospect with a credit card or PayPal account already in their hand. They’re in a buying mood. So…

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Benefits Sell, Features Just Pad Your Ego

Wanna know one of the most fundamental rules of copywriting? All comes down to benefits. Benefits sell. Features bore. But this fundamental gets screwed up all the time. Why? Usually it’s because the product creator either writes his or her own sales copy, or wants to have too much input. It’s basic psychology. You create…

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F*#n Black Friday and BA HUMBUG To Online Deals

This Giveaway Has Concluded and the Winners have been Contacted Via Email   Great, another Black Friday upon us. Another time for online retailers and digital marketers to offer products and services at WAY BELOW cost. Great for you, sucks for us. But thanks to Amazon and the big box retailers, it’s not like we…

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