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How to Automate Email Lead Generation - The IM Rebels

How to Automate Email Lead Generation

This totally flips the script!

Most people stay away from freelancing and offline marketing even though it’s easy money and a very low barrier to entry.

The reason for this fear? Finding clients…

Brian and I used to cold call and go door to door for small business clients. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet of doing either, consider yourself lucky. We love working with small businesses and larger firms but putting pavement under your soles just isn’t the way to do it anymore.

Don’t think you need to have years in marketing or vast experience online either. We both offer very simple services that you can probably already do or learn how to very quickly. Brian focuses on setting up social media profiles and running PPC campaigns and I stick to building 5 page small business websites from templates and some mobile marketing services. Nothing that you couldn’t offer either!

We both still offer these services but we DON’T go door to door anymore. We don’t waste our time finding clients anymore. We let the clients come to us and only the ones that NEED and WANT the exact services we offer.

Best part? We’ve automated it all of the lead generation and we want to show you how we do it on a special training you can click the link below and get signed up.

>>> How To AUTOMATE Your Lead Generation & Customer Prospecting <<<

  • HOW TO locate highly targeted small businesses that NEED your services!
  • HOW TO automate without sacrificing quality so you can work less.
  • HOW TO stop working FOR your business so your business can work for YOU!
  • HOW TO find an endless supply of hot leads at NO cost without leaving your computer.

Register now for the free training and start to WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER! We are running it a few times so you’ll be able to get on and be able to duplicate our five step model for non-stop offline marketing clients AND automate it!

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