Brian Gray

My Brian_300x300name is Brian Gray, I’m originally from America (Florida) but I grew up in Africa and I have spent most of my life traveling the world and living abroad. I love doing a lot of different things, and have lots of different interests; the list is very long.

I’ve got tons of crazy stories that seem larger than life, but are actually true…like the time when I was crossing the Sahara Desert and ran out of gas or the time my dad was kidnapped by rebels in Africa.

I was in the education sector for over 13 years, and I loved it, but it was difficult to make a lot of money in that line of work, and I decided it was time to start making more money (more money=more options). A friend of mine had been making good money in internet and digital marketing and since I already had a lot of copy writing and marketing experience, I decided to check it out.

I’m glad I did I have been supporting myself, and my family completely from digital marketing for a while now.  I have always loved studying and researching, and now I’m using those skills to find ways to make life, as an online marketer, easier and more profitable.  I’ve done digital marketing for Vespa, Hyundai, Krispy Kreme, World Vision, United Nations, European Union, Corona Extra, Hennessy, and Moet & Chandon and Canon (to name a few).

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