Video Marketing: 4 Insane (But True) Facts

video marketing

Video marketing is WAY more than a cultural shift. It’s quite simply become THE way people interact online. Consider these 4 incredible facts about video marketing: #1 – The Market => over 4 billion videos are viewed PER DAY on YouTube => over 8 billion videos are viewed daily on FB According to YouTube, mobile…

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How To Market Anything Online, Better

Rebel Website Builder

No matter what business you’re in, if you want to get your products and services in front of internet users, you need a website. Which means you need to get that website hosted, and you’ll also need a way to create your site. Let’s break this down: Website hosting: for fast load times, VPS is…

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Profitable Funnels Without Rocket Science

vidinvsion review and bonus

In Part One, “Three Simple Steps To Profitable Funnels,” Mark shared how easy it can be to guarantee yourself higher margins and profits by simple offering more products for sale. 1) Create your own, unique front end product 2) Find highly relevant white label products (1-3) that you can sell for 100% profit 3) Rebrand these products as…

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Lee Murray’s “It’s All You Need” Review and Bonus

Lee Murray It's All You Need Review and Bonuses

Lee Murray is back with a vengeance this time to make up for going back into the lab these past five months. He’s been quiet and for good reason… Because wait until you see what he’s emerged with. “It’s All You Need” is the definitive, “choose your own adventure” style system which consists of three…

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What Is Pixel Retargeting & Why You Need It Yesterday

Pixel Retargeting Overview

Pixel retargeting is a method that large marketers and brands have used for years and now it’s time for you to implement in your business. Every time someone visits your website, a pixel is placed on their website browser. This lets the retargeting and remarketing platforms (Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Network) serve tailored ads to…

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