Who Are YOU Following? The “Who’s Who” Of IM…

internet marketing

Whether you’re brand new at internet marketer or a seasoned vet, it always makes sense to follow successful marketers. While we all advocate coaching at some point, you can usually pick up some great information for no cost whatsoever. Many top internet marketers have blogs and email lists you can subscribe to just for opting in…

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How To Profit With Mini Authority Niche Sites

mini authority niche sites

Niche marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. People are passionate about reading all they can about the topics that interest them– particularly if they find a well-done site dedicated to the topic. People also tend to buy things that help them, entertain them, or teach them. You can combine their…

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5 Strategies to Improve Productivity Today

Strategies to Improve Productivity

This whole “internet lifestyle” thing can be GREAT, but when you get down to it, you’ve just got to find some productive time each day to devote to your business. The benefits of productivity just can’t be overstated. With a tiny bit of discipline and sharp focus, you CAN accomplish more in shorter periods of time…

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3 Points, 3 Minutes, 3X The Output

The Rule of 3

If you haven’t heard of “The Rule of 3”, don’t sweat it because here’s a crash course. In a nutshell if you want to simplify your life, cut WAY down on stress and become much more productive, The Rule of 3 is something you want to adopt. FIRST, 3 things are the OPTIMAL number of…

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Are You An Action Taker?

take action on your business

As you know, I am personally an action taker. When people tell me they are writing one blog post per week and ask me if they should write more, I cringe. Because I know that most of the time when I tell them to write 3-5 a day, they will tell me they cannot. When people tell me it has taken…

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