How To Write Email Marketing Swipes That Get Results

Write Emails That Get Results

Writing emails to your list that get results  is the part of the internet marketing equation that trips a lot of people up. I can understand why it can be difficult knowing what to write, especially with very little solid advice out there relating to this topic. First things first. You’re emails need to be INTERESTING. They…

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Sales Copy: Knowing & Understanding Your Target Market

sales copy

Knowing and understanding your target market can help you create really compelling sales copy because it helps you market to people who actually need and want your product. We want to spend our time getting our copy tailored to and in front of their eyeballs; speaking to them on an individual level instead of targeting…

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Email Marketing: To Swipe Or Not To Swipe

email marketing

Email Marketing: To Swipe Or Not To Swipe Easy Ways To Use DFY Emails To YOUR Advantage Email marketing taboos, we’ve all seen them. Dozens of emails in our inbox with the exact same subject line, from multiple different marketers. Open them up and guess what? Exact same copy inside as well, word for word.…

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The ONLY 5 Headlines You’ll Need To Boost Conversions

5 Headlines To Increase Conversions

Get MORE Of Your Content Seen By MORE People Boost Conversions With Winning Headlines In a world where people are hammered with hundreds of emails per day and more web content than they can possibly digest … how do you boost YOUR conversions? You’ve got to grab attention INSTANTLY and only have a few words…

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2 Easy Ways to Create Amazing Headlines for your Sales Copy, Emails, and Blog Posts

how to easily make great headlines

Create Captivating Headlines In Minutes 2 Easy Ways to Create Killer Headlines Having a great headline is one of the most important aspects of marketing.  You could have the best offer, or blog post, but if your headline doesn’t catch people’s attention, then it’s all pointless. You want a headline that not only catches your target…

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