Reduce, Reuse … ReProfit?


Copywriting is a favorite topic of ours at The IM Rebels and for good reason: effective copywriting increases conversions and therefore profits. Why invest boatloads in more traffic when a simple tweak to copy can have more of a positive impact? So as we’re preparing a complete course on the topic, we thought it would…

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Leverage Sales Page Copy For Easy Promo Emails

promo email copy

Writing promo emails for affiliate products doesn’t have to be tough or take hours. Let me show you a really simple strategy to drive high conversions. I like to leverage the sales page copy from time to time to pull the trigger words and sentences to include in my emails. This leads to higher conversions…

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How “Detail-Itis” Can Cause An Inflammation In Your Bank Account

internet marketing details

In medical (more accurately Latin) terms, “itis” refers broadly to inflammation. Thus the headline. “Just get it out there.” “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” And all those similar sayings. Sure, they’re designed to get you to take action. Which is good. What isn’t good? Not double checking the details. Not paying attention to…

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Need More Email Opens And Clicks? Check THIS Out…

more email opens

Need more opens and clicks with YOUR emails? Check this quick video for some seriously under-used, HIGHLY effective hacks. Tried and tested… And the best part? It’s a whole lot of fun! Enjoy… Got some of your own tips to share? Love to hear them. Comment below or share away on the FB page with…

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3 Step SHORTCUT To Real Online Income

online income

You’ve likely heard some of this before. But it’s just so important, it bears repeating. STEP 1: Build your list by creating products. Yes, you’ve heard this dozens of times. Why? Because it works. By far the fastest, easiest way for someone brand new online to build a profitable list. Fact: creating a product is…

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