Secrets Of A SIX FIGURE Copywriter

copywriter secrets

Today our good friend and SIX FIGURE COPYWRITER Norma Rickman joins us with a guest post, where she shares her top tips for creating bullet points that FORCE readers to take action. You’d pay good money for this information anywhere else, but thanks to Norma’s generosity this info is yours for the taking. Enjoy! I’ve…

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It’s NOT A Call To Action, It’s A DEMAND!

call to action

I’m not a huge fan of the term “call to action”. Sounds a bit too much like a pep rally to me, and we all know how 90% of the audience secretly snickers at cheerleaders at a pep rally. However, the call to action or CTA for short is an integral part of both email…

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Simple Sales Letter Formula

Sales Letter Formula

Writing a sales letter is often very intimidating to new marketers and first time product creators. Thankfully it really doesn’t have to be following this simple sales letter formula. Using this formula you are going to follow already successful product launches and leverage the work already done for you. Before you write your own sales…

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Why “Reverse Engineered” Products Are Sexy

product creation

Let’s go off on a brief tangent, shall we? What’s one of the most popular wines of the past decade? Yellow Tail. BILLIONS in revenues with this one single brand. The back story? This wine was invented in a boardroom, not a vineyard. True facts here. Marketers of this company got together and “reverse engineered”…

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Power Of Persuasive Headlines (And Why This One Sucks)

Persuasive Headlines

Okay, maybe this headline isn’t COMPLETELY brutal. After all, you’re reading this, aren’t ya? But probably ONLY because I tossed in the word “sucks”… Straight to the facts today. Over 84% of readers will decide whether to continue on with your copy, sales letter or email BASED ON THE HEADLINE OR SUBJECT LINE ALONE. No…

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