Conversion Boosting Sales Copy 101

Want to REALLY crank up your conversions? There are some easy ways to do it, all it takes is a bit of practice. Best part is this doesn’t cost a dime, just needs a bit of your time. You see, it’s easy to critique sales copy in all forms: sales pages, emails, review site posts.…

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Psychology of Profitable Marketing

profitable marketing

Here’s the thing… There are many ways to market out there. Some people say write a perfect sales letter, hit all the pain points, and people will buy. I’ve bought from sales letters like that before. You probably have too. And when you wake up the next morning… you have a little regret. Because the product wasn’t…

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The Poor Person’s Guide To Rich Copywriting Results

Tips to get better at email copy, sales copy and product reviews

Everyone wants better conversions, right? Because as a crucial part of the profit equation, the better you convert the more cash you make. But how does someone who isn’t a pro copywriter expect to increase their conversion rate without shelling out big bucks for an expert? Please note these tips specifically pertain to digital products…

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Conversion Hack #147: Become An Opinionated S.O.B.

Conversion Hack

Why do SO MANY marketers think their sales pages, emails and even ads have to appeal to as wide an audience as possible? Does it stem from some need to be approved or loved? Because it sure doesn’t fit the bill when one wants to increase conversions and profits. If your promotional campaigns aren’t annoying…

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How Dating Can Make You A Better Copywriter

tips for headlines

Seriously? Am I ACTUALLY encouraging you to date? Damn right I am! Even if you’re married, take your spouse out on a date. Not only will it do wonders for your relationship, it just might teach you a few things about creating amazing sales copy. How, you might ask? First impressions. You remember your first…

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