Building Your Internet Marketing Email Buyer’s List

Every experienced internet marketer knows how important a email marketing buyers list is to his business. It is vital to build your own email list of prospects and customers if at all your internet business must progress. A well built list enables you to nurture a personal relationship with your subscribers. The relationship makes the…

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How To Research Your Email Marketing Audience

Email Marketing Audience

Imagine for a moment if you built an email marketing list of people who were Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts. But then you send off emails promoting quilting patterns and cupcake recipes. How well do you think you’d do? Yeah, that’s right – you’d probably get a whole bunch of people unsubscribing. Most would stop reading…

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Email Marketing Selling Without FEAR

Email Marketing

Seems like email marketing list owners tend to go one of two ways… First, you have the email marketers who blast their list with a steady stream of pitches. These guys and gals send promos to their lists every day, sometimes even twice a day. You know what? That might work if your readers know…

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Email Marketing- How Often To Email Your List?

email marketing frequency

The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) is a principle that’s alive and well in every single one of our businesses and especially with email marketing. 20% of customers generate 80% of profits 20% of entrepreneurs generate 80% of new business created 20% of Authors sell 80% of books 20% of your “to-do-list” will be responsible for…

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How To Test and Track Your Email Marketing Results

Email Marketing Testing

If there’s one thing that separates the world’s most successful with email marketing from those who’re struggling to make a profit, it’s this: tracking and testing. Now you’ve probably heard about tracking and testing before, but maybe you’ve discounted it because it sounds like a hassle. That may have been true many years ago before tracking…

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