Simple Sales Letter Formula

Sales Letter Formula

Writing a sales letter is often very intimidating to new marketers and first time product creators. Thankfully it really doesn’t have to be following this simple sales letter formula. Using this formula you are going to follow already successful product launches and leverage the work already done for you. Before you write your own sales…

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Simple Product Creation Research Methods

Product Creation Research

Creating and selling products can be very lucrative as you know. Many full time marketers build their business on this foundation and selling your own products vs affiliate products puts you in control and gives you leverage. Here are five down and dirty simple product creation research methods you can use to source your next…

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3 Ways To Make InfoGraphics Work For YOUR Business


We love sharing free tools and current trends that will help you with your business. So this post is about infographics: why they’re the latest and greatest tool online, and how you can incorporate them into your business. Better conversions, better marketing, more traffic and the best part? Creating them doesn’t have to cost a…

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How to Plan an Awesome Keyword Strategy

keyword strategy

Planning and researching your keyword strategy is something most marketers take for granted. This can be used for blog post ideas, content emails to your list, affiliate products to promote and find out how we use it also for product creation research. If you have a website, or run PPC ads or do internet marketing…

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Why “Reverse Engineered” Products Are Sexy

product creation

Let’s go off on a brief tangent, shall we? What’s one of the most popular wines of the past decade? Yellow Tail. BILLIONS in revenues with this one single brand. The back story? This wine was invented in a boardroom, not a vineyard. True facts here. Marketers of this company got together and “reverse engineered”…

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