How To Know If Your Niche Is Profitable…or Not

profitable niche

So, how do you choose a niche, or know your niche is profitable? First, what’s the definition of a profitable niche? A niche that has the ability to generate a profit for you – and this will be a function of a few things… 1) How many people are there who need the kind of information…

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[Traffic Tip] The “Best” Traffic Tactic?

traffic tactic

If you want the very best, most targeted traffic you can find, then follow this “rule of thumb”. There are 3 primary types of traffic that produce internet marketing’s largest pool of traffic. I’m talking about traffic that you… 1. Buy This includes PPC from places like Google or Facebook, banner ads, email solo ads and other “Pay Per” traffic.…

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Eliminate Distractions That Are Killing Your Productivity

I am going to show you my personal method of dealing with distractions that kill productivity, things like email, text, apps, FB chat, Skype, and the plain old lure of the internet. First, I am going to share my background premise for dealing with all of these things, including all other distractions, even ones I’ve…

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Positive Perspective & A GREAT Attitude To Launch Products

launch products

No matter how many times people are told how smart AND easy it is to create and launch products, I understand why many are hesitant. First, I believe, is a fear of failure. Second, obviously, is worry that one’s creation won’t be applauded by the market. Third, I’d imagine, is in current times it seems…

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The Case Against Product Creation Analysis Paralysis

product creation

So, you’ve heard that product creation is a great way to start building an online income. You heard right! Yet so many times, well-intentioned people get stuck and frustrated. Many get so hung up on what to do, they never even start. Let’s make sure that never happens to you. In the last post about…

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