The Price Is WRONG, B*@%H!

product creator

Every product creator in the digital marketing arena faces the same challenge: what should I price my product at? This post is all about answering that question, based on hard data. First, recognize that as a product creator launching in the online marketing area, you will be seriously undervaluing your product. There are 100+ page…

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Free Traffic With Magazine Marketing

free traffic

Magazine marketing is a good way to generate free traffic to your website, but it will only work if you’re providing something of value to the magazine readers. In other words, you can’t just join the platform and wait the traffic to flood your website, but I am sure that the most of your competitors…

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Backwards Product Creation: The CASE STUDY Wraps Up

product creation

And AWAY we go! This is the wrap up of our CASE STUDY on reverse engineered product creation. If you’re not sure or need reminding what this series about, in a nutshell, it’s about how to launch products in the POLAR OPPOSITE style of what most product launchers do. Product creation LAST, and market research…

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This Oughta Be “Interest”ing…

methods for traffic

Today we have the TRULY GREAT FORTUNE of having an expert guest share his best tips for driving traffic from Facebook. Pedro Lopes has built his online business and reputation through FB traffic, and today he’s holding nothing back as he shares his best methods for traffic success. Enjoy! Hey there, first and foremost I’d…

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Using the Warrior Forum For Traffic & Sales

warrior forum

There are two types of people that use the Warrior Forum. Those that are searching for the ‘next big thing’ that will magically make them thousands of dollars over night and those that use the site for TRAFFIC and SALES. If you are part of the first camp, STOP and use these methods to pull…

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