How to Drive Website Traffic To Free Offers

free website traffic

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by using free offers. No matter how much things may change on the internet, one thing stays the same -people love to get things for free! This was true long before the time of the internet, when magazine, TV and direct mail marketers…

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Short Term Vs Long Term Marketing

long term marketing

I have what I believe are some unique views about online sales generation. First what I see about others – then my own unique and possibly crazy views. You decide. So…what I seen “them” doing – Creating products. Then looking for people who need those kinds of products and trying to sell those products to them. Harmless looking,…

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[Traffic Tip] The “Best” Traffic Tactic?

traffic tactic

If you want the very best, most targeted traffic you can find, then follow this “rule of thumb”. There are 3 primary types of traffic that produce internet marketing’s largest pool of traffic. I’m talking about traffic that you… 1. Buy This includes PPC from places like Google or Facebook, banner ads, email solo ads and other “Pay Per” traffic.…

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Are you making this HUGE email marketing mistake?

email marketing

We all know it’s important for you to follow up with your potential customers and existing customers with your email marketing. The number one mistake email marketing beginners make is not following up with their lists. This unnatural fear to email has stopped many marketing careers short. Remember, if you don’t email your list, someone else will.  When I first started…

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Getting Scammed Buying Solo Ad Traffic

solo ad traffic

If you buy enough solo ads, funnel clicks or exit clicks on the Skype rooms or Facebook groups, there will come a time in which you get burned! It happened to me for the 2nd time over hundreds of solo ad traffic buys. Luckily this time I was only testing 100 Exit Clicks from a new…

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