The Most Underutilized Internet Marketing Traffic Source

internet marketing traffic source

Ahhh yes, traffic…Something all of us internet marketers need, yet something very few of us know how to get.  You can create the perfect website, the perfect blog, or the perfect lead capture page, but without traffic, what’s the point? The only way you are going to be successful as an internet marketer is if you…

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7 Paid Traffic SINS And How To Avoid Them!

paid traffic tips

If you have any kind of website, blog, or even a simple landing page from which you are offering an incentive, one thing you definitely need is traffic -that is, visitors. Ideally, you also want targeted traffic, people who have a genuine interest in what your site is all about. Traffic doesn’t just come by…

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What A Bunch Of Jokers…

The IM Rebels

The IM Rebels are a diverse group. Lots of talents, varying strengths. And we try to play to those. This just could be the exception… But first, let’s look at the players. Brian Gray has a story and a half. Travelling the world his whole life and becoming a social media and traffic expert along the…

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5 Largest Paid Traffic Sources

There are so many dodgy paid traffic sources out there that I wouldn’t touch if holding Lee’s hand. It is best to stick with one of the five largest paid traffic sources, start with a low budget and spend time studying training on that individual source before even starting. Warning out of the way and…

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Three Internet Marketing Traffic Sources

Internet Marketing Traffic Sources

There are reports that come out every day with new internet marketing traffic sources. Let me fill you in on a insider secret, “There are no secret traffic sources!” If I had a secret traffic source, I sure as heck wouldn’t share it, would you? Let’s quickly look at three of my favorite internet marketing traffic sources:…

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