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Complete List of Internet Marketing Product Creation Niches - The IM Rebels

Complete List of Internet Marketing Product Creation Niches

There seem to be endless niches to choose from when wanting to create a new product. But how to narrow it down?

First start with niches that you already work in and have some experience. This cuts the learning curve. For example I was already an active list builder before releasing my first product on how to monetize your list building with Pay Per Lead offers. I was already searching on how to make more money with freebie list building so it was natural to teach what I learned and applied. While we only teach what we do in our day to day business there are product creators who see a need in the marketplace and fill it by creating training that is needed.

We reviewed in the past simple product creation research methods and you can use this list below to help speed up the process and narrow down what niches you already have an interest in.  If you have a niche or angle in that we missed in this chart, please leave a comment, would love to keep adding to it!

Video Marketing Ranking, Launch Jacking, Offline, Middle Man
CPA How to Get Accepted into Networks, What are the best offers to pick, How to promote CPA, Where to Promote, Free CPA, Paid CPA, Zip Submits, Email Marketing, List Building
Facebook Ads, Pages, Page Management, Page Creation For Businesses, Selling FB Timeline Covers,
Amazon Ranking, KW Domination, Niche Sites, Reseller, Drop Shipping, Arbitrage
Offline Marketing Niches, DFY Mini Sites, Lead Generation, Offline Services, Selling
Softwares Any that streamlines business needs; such as article creators, squeeze page creators, sales page creators,
Solo Ads Where to Buy Them, Arbitrage, Solo Ad Rolodexes, Offline
Make Money Online Sports, Beauty, Going Green, Comedy, Hypnosis, Dog Training, Forex, Etc.
WordPress (WP) How to Use WordPress, Plug Ins
Mobile Marketing Create Mobile Sites, Arbitrage, Mobile Site Templates, Mobile Site Generators
Kindle Ranking, KW Domination, How to Write Them, Niche Selection, Outsourcing, Selling Strategies, List Building
Pinterest Offline, Selling On Pinterest, Generating Traffic
Instagram Offline, Selling On Instagram, Generating Traffic
Private Label Rights (PLR) Niche Packs, Holidays, Offline, Social Media
ClickBank Niche Selection, Selling on Clickbank, Ranking
Tee Spring Niche Selection, Finding Trends, FB, Offline,
Traffic Traffic Sources, How to Generate Traffic, Outsourcing Traffic, Media Buys, Paid Traffic, Free Traffic
Fiverr How to Buy, How To Sell, Gig Ranking, Gig Selection, Tools to Help Complete Gigs Faster, Arbitrage
Forum Marketing How To Market, Best Forum Sites, Traffic Generation, Authority Building
Ebay Ranking, KW Domination, Drop Shipping, Offline, Arbitrage
Craigslist/Back Page Ads, Lead Generation, Offline, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generation
Retargeting YouTube, Facebook, Google, SiteScout
SEO Ranking, Backlinking, Arbitrage, Ads, Affiliate Marketing
Blogging Article Creation, Blog Promotion, Traffic Generation, Selling Ads
Flippa How To Sell, Listing Optimization, Middle Man
List Building How To Get Subscribers, Traffic Sources, Landing Pages, Opt-In Reports, Conversions
Email Marketing Swipes, How To Increase Conversions, Make More Effective, Strategies
Podcasts Building Authority, Traffic, Sell Advertising

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