Conversion Hack #147: Become An Opinionated S.O.B.

Why do SO MANY marketers think their sales pages, emails and even ads have to appeal to as wide an audience as possible?

Does it stem from some need to be approved or loved?

Because it sure doesn’t fit the bill when one wants to increase conversions and profits.

If your promotional campaigns aren’t annoying some people, you’re losing money.

Because if you’re constantly trying to be nice to everyone and cast the widest net possible, you might get a lot of clicks but sure won’t see a lot of sales.

The trick is to prequalify people. And that means being specific about your target audience and using language to boot people who aren’t going to be interested straight off of your page.

Sounds harsh, but it’s reality. Casting too wide a net will just waste the time of a portion of your audience, and cost you in terms of poor conversions.

So today’s conversion hack?

Get opinionated, even a little edgy, in your promo campaigns. Tell people right off the bat who should be interested in this product, or who shouldn’t.

Might you get some haters? Possibly. And that’s a very good thing, a benchmark telling you you’re on the right track.

Ultimately this approach will help you target only those interested in your offers, boosting conversions by keeping the tire kickers at bay.

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