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Don't Be A Tool! Get What You Need, When You Need It...

Don’t Be A Tool! Get What You Need, When You Need It…

OMG it’s a new video player! And this one does [insert impossible benefit here] like nothing else ever has!
OMG it’s a new graphics creator!
OMG it’s a new article spinner!
OMG it’s another [BRAND NEW] way of getting VIRAL traffic.

Enough omgs. How much is enough?

How many ‘tools’ do you need to move YOUR online business forward? Not something you ‘might’ need months down the road, but right now?

Look, we’ve ALL been guilty of shiny object syndrome. I still slip back into the slippery seduction of a well-crafted sales page and slick demo video.

And regret it 9 times out of 10.

I’ve got like 3 video creation softwares sucking up space on my hard drive. And the one I use to this day? The one that came pre-installed on my Mac.

Do you think a plumber goes out and buys electrician’s tools because he or she thinks ‘one day’ they’ll come in handy? Not bloody likely.

Internet marketers need tools, granted. But not all internet marketers need all tools. Most of us need fewer than we already have.

There are 2 problems with being sold on the latest and greatest shiny software, tool or product.

One, obviously, is financial. How far into debt do you want to go?

The other, more insidious, is the complete LACK of focus these tools create for us. The fancier the tool, the more time it takes to play around with.

Time that could be far more profitably spent BUILDING your business.

What niche are you in? What method are you ACTIVELY pursuing to earn online? (If you don’t have one yet, that’s where to start)…

Then, what tools are ESSENTIAL to make that happen? Are there free alternatives? Can you spend a bit of time on YouTube or Google to find what you need?

In most cases, the answer is yes.

I just want to save you money and time. Just say no. These shiny objects are like drugs. And they’re positioned to separate you from both. I should know – I write a LOT of copy for products like these. Am not ashamed to admit it. But that’s the area I pursue actively to earn online.

My tools? Google Drive. Online Thesaurus. And some damn good courses and products on sales copy.

What are your tools? Ya know, like the ones that make you money?

Cause if you’re working as a plumber, you don’t need electrician’s tools. Not today.

Just sayin’.

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One thought on “Don’t Be A Tool! Get What You Need, When You Need It…

  • September 22, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Integrity, Mark, that’s what you have. I like people that don’t candy coat things. I read as much from you as I can since you get to the point. Keep up the good work.


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