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Ever Written A Report In High School? Product Creation

Ever Written A Report In High School?

Because if so, you have what it takes to be a product creator.

End of the day, creating an info product is no harder than putting together any report, presentation or project you ever did in high school.

Where people get hung up is the fact that they’ll be selling the thing. That’s when self doubt creeps in, the enemy to all things internet marketing related.

In the immortal words of a famous comedian, “Just Stop It”.


You’ve likely busted your butt in high school to complete projects to make the grade. Now you can use those same skills to make some moolah.

And all kidding aside, product creation is one of the fastest and most consistent paths to online success going.

So although there are a bunch of ways to skin a cat, it’s really best to start off simple. Of course we’ll be digging much deeper into this in future posts and trainings, but for now:

1 – Do some research. Find out what the market is demanding. Spend some time on the Warrior Forum in the general discussion thread and find out what information people are looking for. Then, just like in high school, do your research and provide the solution!

2 – Decide on a format. Popular choices are short PDF reports, video trainings or cheat sheets. Super ninja Rebel tip? COMBINE 2 or more of these formats to get a more receptive audience for your product.

3 – Forget what YOU think people need, just go out and give them what they’re already asking for. Hardest part of product creation. This goes to marketing in general: if you provide what people are already looking for, you’ll never have to sell a day in your life.

Yes, we’ll be digging much deeper into this. Getting into templates, how-to’s and cheat sheets so you can get started fast.

But don’t ever forget, product creation need never be any tougher than those essays you knocked out in a couple of hours the night before they were due in high school.

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