Find Affiliates Outside The Internet Marketing Niche

Everyone seems to make a big deal about going outside the internet marketing niche; especially with product launches!

Let’s face it, finding affiliates for the IM niche isn’t terribly hard. There are dozens of Facebook Groups dedicated to product launches. Multiple launch board websites and let’s not forget the built in affiliate power of WarriorPlus or JVZoo.

But why don’t these same people who can launch product after product in the IM niche, be so scared to go outside and play?

One can argue that there is less competition for your subscribers outside the IM niche. The life time value of each subscriber in niches outside IM could be much higher.

Also, you may not be competing with so many ‘gurus’ and you’ll be able to establish yourself as an authority figure in your niche must faster.

After saying all that, let’s go through a real simple and effective method for finding affiliates outside the internet marketing niche.

Here’s how it works…

1. Go to Google and type in the primary keyword or phrase that your target audience would most likely use to find your product.

2. Visit the Top 10 to 20 websites  that show up on the first two pages  of results. These are the sites that are getting the most traffic.

paleo diet recipes

3. Make note of the sites that are selling a “similar”, but not “exact” product like yours.

For example, if your ebook/report is about “Paleo Style Workouts” (Crossfit, kettlebells, etc…) one of the sites you visit sells an ebook on “paleo recipes”, they’re a perfect candidate. You’re both in the Paleo niche but not directly competing with each other.

If you were in the “Paleo Recipes” niche, you could also take a page from IM niche marketing and contact the top 20 sites with an email list in the same niche. It is very hard to come up with product after product to just sell your list. So they won’t be as opposed as you might think to mailing your offer to their list. They will most likely, welcome that income!

They get extra points if you see a newsletter subscription form on the site. This means they have built-in, targeted traffic that you can leverage!

4. Find their contact information and send them an email, or postal letter, introducing yourself and your product/website, along with how you found them. Don’t laugh at postal letter by looking up their information. Think they’ll take notice if you mail then vs email? Which introduction will get you the stronger JV relationship?

Now don’t go out and buy new stationary. I would just do this for mega authority figures in your niche to stand out from the dozens to hundreds of other JV requests.

Tell them a little about your product and how it compliments  theirs and that you would like to propose a mutually profitable joint venture.

Then ask them to contact you for more details. That’s it.

The “1st contact” is just about getting them to respond, so make it short. When they contact you, explain  your proposal.

Tell them how your ebook will benefit their customers. Offer to send a complimentary review copy of your ebook to see for themselves.

Then, if they’re happy with the ebook and think it’s a good fit for their customers/subscribers, you’ll be happy to share 100% of  the profits for every sale they  refer.

If they agree, the next step is to send them the “affiliate page”  address that Warrior Plus, JVZoo or PaySpree provides to you that will contain their unique affiliate link and any promotional materials.

Even a JV page which contains more information about the product, earnings potential and payouts for the affiliate, email swipes, link to sign up as an affiliate, graphic banners and even a welcome video from you will make you look more professional and provide more value to affiliates.  Check out and click any listing to get to their JV page to see a examples.

listing 1

listing 2 listing 3

Real easy to create in Optimize Press (my personal favorite) or similar WP theme builder like Profit Builder.

If all goes well, you could have sales (and buyers on your list) in  as little as 24 hours… depending  on how quick your affiliate partner promotes your ebook.

Your next step? Rinse and repeat!

I’ve just given you a complete business model that has made others, just like you, extremely  successful. All you have to do is take the ball and run with it.

But everything the IM Rebels are giving you isn’t worth a dime if you don’t take it and do something with it. Having knowledge and applying it are two DIFFERENT things.

Oh by the way…the picture way up top is my view looking out from my desk in Virginia. My wife and I just moved a couple weeks ago and absolutely love the area. Gorgeous!

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