Find Out What Your Email Subscribers Need

One of the things that is critical in making sales to your list is finding out exactly what your email subscribers need and will pay for….

If you send an email out that asks them what they want to buy…they usually don’t give you good information…because they don’t know what they want to buy (they don’t want to buy anything, really, nobody does 🙂

But the truth of the matter is…they will buy if you present an offer that will solve their problems.

Make sense?

It’s kind of like…nobody ever wants to pay money to get their car fixed…but we all do when our car is not running, right?

And it’s the same way with your list…they don’t WANT to buy anything…but they have problems, and if you can solve them, they will buy. So how do you find out what they will buy?

Find out what their problems are – and they will buy the solution to their problems.

Here’s how to find out – ask them in an email or a survey

“What is your biggest challenge?” or “what are you struggling with?”

They will buy a solution that solves that challenge or struggle!

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