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Have you heard about HARO before? It is a powerful and still underutilized free public relations traffic power method to do your job once and then to get traffic almost forever which will also increase your brand awareness and authority. If you want this for your online business, listen closely.

HARO is “Help A Reporter Out”. This is a platform which makes the connection between reporter/journalists and experts. And they send one email per day which includes requests from different journalists.

help a reporter out

You can sign up as a reporter or as an expert. If you want to use this website to drive more traffic to your website, you should definitely sign up as an expert. The great thing behind this opportunity is that it is free (yes, there are paid options, but you can generate a good amount of traffic using only the paid version).

Before we continue, let me show you something…

HARO traffic

What do you think about this? How much traffic do you think you will get if a journalist likes your short answer or article about his/her request? Probably, thousands visitors per day. And this comes with the authority which you will get automatically.

Go and sign up for a free account here.


After that you will have to go and click the confirmation link which they have sent you. When you click on the link, you will start getting emails right away.

This is crucial – it is a good idea to make a separate email address which you should use only for HARO queries and I am going to tell you “Why” in a couple of seconds. HARO will use it to send you your daily request.

free traffic methods

free traffic

This is how a request looks like. And I have received more than 10 in one email from which I can choose.

How you can generate tons of traffic using HARO?

First, when you set up your profile in HARO make sure to mark the topic or topics which are relevant to your niche.


In that case I have decided to receive queries only about Business and Finance, because I am an expert in this topic. If you are an expert in more than one topic, that’s okay, mark it and you will receive queries about it.

And when you receive an email with all requests, read them carefully, decide if you have the knowledge to answer any of them and if you are, then click on the email of the journalist and give him/her what he/she wants.


The second thing which you should do in order to get traffic is to win your participation in the reporter’ article or blog post.

How to do this?

I am going to give you some tricks which can help you to win this and get published on websites like CNBS, FOX, ABC and so on:

  • Answer only requests which are relevant to your niche, don’t try to answer all of them
  • Make a small research about the reporter – go to, use and see his/her credentials and traffic which you can get
  • Don’t answer to anonymous requests
  • Try to be as fast as possible. When you receive a request which is perfect fit for your online business, make a quick research and if everything is okay, answer this request. And because of that you should have a separate account for HARO emails.
  • Answer the appropriate queries with short answers (not a 1000+ article) which are valuable and interesting.

So, now you know not only how to bring tons of traffic to your website to your website or offers, but you also know how to build your brand and authority too. This is really powerful for website traffic and I hope that you can see it.

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2 thoughts on “Free Public Relations Traffic Power

  • November 11, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Great post Shane. I will be looking into Haro today as we are trying to build authority in our health niche business Fit, Energised & Healthy –

  • November 11, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    Great looking site Terry! While it’s not everyday with HARO that something will match your experience, once it does, the traffic will be worth the patience. Keep us updated!


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