Free Reporter and Brand Website Traffic

This website traffic source power is so huge and it can bring you not only traffic, but BIG brand awareness too.

This is the reason you should really give it a serious look and I am going show you step by step how to use it for your sites.

It is called CNN iReporter.

If you ask me, this is more than sexy, because we are talking about CNN. I doubt that there isn’t a human on this planet who doesn’t know this big name and now I am going to tell you how to use it to attract more traffic and brand awareness.

First, you should go to and sign up for a new account.

2015-08-01 23_48_18-CNN iReport - Share your story, discuss the issues with

Fill all the necessary fields and you are good to go.

When you enter your account for first time, go to your profile and fill all fields which will give more information about you and your business. From all fields, Biography is one of the most important things which you should take care of. Try to make it interesting, fun and introducing, because when people read your articles they will want to know more about you and you have few seconds to grab their attention.

That’s why you should start with Biography and spend a good amount of time thinking, before you write it. The other reason why you should write a good biography is that you can’t use links in your stories, but if people like your stuff, they will visit your profile.

As in the other traffic source, it is very important to give real value when you write your articles. And if you want, you can post also videos and audios.

So, how to use CNN iReporter?

Let’s see the image below…

cnn2In order to put your story on CNN, you should click the button “Upload” in the upper right corner, but I have a suggestion for you which can help you to drive more traffic even faster. In order this to happen, you should go to the “Assignments” section of this website and scroll down.


These are different groups in which you can find different assignments related to the topic of the group, that’s why my suggestion for you is to join a group which is related to your niche. After that you should check all the assignments and find one which you can write about or you have a video or photo (even if you have only video or photo, you have to write something before you post it) and click the button “Add your story”.

cnn4The other thing which you should do in order to get more traffic is to follow all members who are interested in this topic (you can see them in the upper left corner of this image), because if they follow you back, they will see all of your publications. Of course, don’t add them at once, because this is look really spammy and you don’t want this.

So, if you post a story, photo or video about a featured assignment, this increase the chance a lot of people to see it, which means more possibilities for website traffic and sales. Really cool…

Let’s summarize – write a good biography, give real value, join groups, follow people, write about featured assignments and you are ready to blow your server.

After all this don’t you think that it would be a great strategy, people to find you through CNN and drive huge website traffic to your offers and lists?

Don’t you think that your brand and authority are going to be above the sky and your chances for sales are bigger?

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