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Magazine marketing is a good way to generate free traffic to your website, but it will only work if you’re providing something of value to the magazine readers. In other words, you can’t just join the platform and wait the traffic to flood your website, but I am sure that the most of your competitors don’t know about this traffic source. 

It is called

Have you heard about it? 

Issuu is the fastest-growing digital publishing platform in the world in which everybody can join for free and use its traffic. And when you become familiar with it, you should consider its paid plans, but you don’t need to pay anything to start generating traffic using the power of ISSUU.

Why you should consider magazine marketing as one of your free traffic sources?

  • It has more than 85 Million readers every month
  • More than 5000 impressions each minute
  • It is totally FREE to join
  • It is really easy to use

Let me show you how the platform looks like…

issuu marketing

This is just part of it. There are so many magazines there which you can use to learn from and benefit.

How to use this platform in order to flood your website with traffic?

First, you have to go here and make a simple registration which takes about 1-2 minutes and NO credit card is required. Just click on “Create account” button and fill all the necessary fields and you are ready to rock. 

free traffic methods i3

When you are ready with the registration and enter your members’ area, this is what you are going to see:


Then you should click on “Learn how” button and when the new page opens, you should click “Continue” which is located below the free plan.

i5When you click the button “Continue” the next thing which you should do is to fill all the fields for your profile and add a picture of you or your product if you want. If you want to use ISSUU for brand awareness, put your picture (it should be a smiley photo of you) and if you want to promote a product, put its photo there. Simple, isn’t it?

i6When you finish with you account setup, the next step is going to be to upload your first pdf file which is going to be converted to magazine, which is really cool. And if you are not ready yet for publication, you can press the “Cancel” button in the upper right corner.

So, now you know the basic set up of ISSUU and the big question is still there – how to drive traffic using it?

Now, I am going to answer it.

First, you should be ready to give something for free. It should be in a PDF format and it should be valuable. The great thing is that you can put all your affiliate links or links which lead to your website all over your file. This gives you the opportunity to advertise whatever you want as much as you want, which is absolutely perfect.

But how to get people to see your magazines?

Actually, ISSUU is somehow a new type of social media which means that you have to have followers in order to get traffic. And how to do this?

Click on the button “Following” and then in the search bar you should write your keyword and hit Enter.


At the bottom of this image you can see the publishers about the topic weight loss and these are not all, of course. My suggestion for you is to follow all these guys and gals, but you should also follow their followers. This is how you will get a lot of followers and traffic to your website.



Before you start following people, you should:

  • Set up your profile (all details should be written and there should be a photo too)
  • Have uploaded at least 2 magazines

The other great thing about this traffic source is that you can use it for all niches and if there aren’t magazines in your niche, this would be perfect. Why? Because you will not have competition.

But, maybe you are wondering how to get followers in that case? Very simple, find out what you customers are interested in (e.g. what are their hobbies, what do they eat, what are they passionate about and so on) and then search for publishers about this topic, follow them and their followers too.

Now, you know how to use the power of this underground (even secret) FREE traffic source, just go and conquer it!

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