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Happy Ho Ho And Ba Freaking Hum Bug [Holiday Rant] - The IM Rebels

Happy Ho Ho And Ba Freaking Hum Bug [Holiday Rant]

Look, I’m NOT here to rain on your holiday parade. Honest. Regardless of your beliefs, I’m behind you 100%.

This rant is about the TRADITIONS that often accompany the holidays. 2 in particular. Let’s tackle them in order:

FIRST, the potluck party. Seriously? What an absolute sham.

One person invites everyone over but tells people they’ve got to bring their own food AND drink. That’s not being a host.

That’s being a free loader.

Consider the math. You have a group of friends, colleagues, co-workers or whatever that hang out on a regular basis. 8 of you regularly show up.

Let’s say over 1 year your pals ‘host’ 8 potlucks. One about every 6 weeks or so. Each time, everyone prepares enough of a dish to feed 8 people.

Alternative? Screw the pot luck and just host a party where YOU cook for everyone. Instead of cooking 8 dishes over the course of a year, you just prepare a proper freaking meal for your 8 friends ONCE.

And they all do the same! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. And SO much more polite.

Cause when I invite you to MY house, I just want you. No food, no booze, no gifts. It’s called HOSPITALITY.

So let’s call out the pot luck for what it is: a free loading sham where the host gets to take credit for having a roof over his or her head.

Next: The “Secret Santa” Gimmick. I truly believe this tradition is what founded the concept of re-gifting.

Seriously? Give someone a seriously limited budget to buy someone they may or may not know a holiday present? Recipe for disaster, each and every time. Total joke. Count me out, Secret Santa…

So personally, I skip the potlucks and Secret Santas. Instead, I host my friends in style and buy awesome, personalized gifts for those closest to me.

How can I do this without worrying about the numbers?

>> Cause I’ve Got THIS Working For Me

Happy holidays!

Got a least favourite holiday tradition to share? We’d love to hear about it. Head on over to The IM Rebels FB Page and share the goods!

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