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How A Vegetable Juice Ad Can Boost YOUR Business - The IM Rebels

How A Vegetable Juice Ad Can Boost YOUR Business

How A Vegetable Juice Ad Can Boost YOUR Business

Simple Ways To Boost Business And Income Starting NOW

Face it, many of us have just come off a well deserved break with family, friends, and perhaps too much food and drink. Now reality sets in. How are we going to really boost business in the New Year?

2 tips:

Start small, and start SMART.

This ISN’T going to be a post about how to slowly and gradually build your business moving forward.

Controversy Alert: this may not be what the “goo-roos” are teaching you to do. It’s actually much simpler, and hundreds of times more effective.

This is about getting super practical and actually putting some dollars in your bank account. By setting up your priorities properly, you’ll stand a MUCH better than average chance of building your business moving forward, while cashing in today.

Recently got a great piece of advice from a colleague in the IM business. He told me his day starts with 1 simple goal: to complete the ONE task that will get him paid that very day, before moving on to anything else.

Because what’s a HUGE problem many entrepreneurs face daily?

Focusing so much on “big picture” that we actually forget to take care of the little steps that make us money in the short term!

Don’t get me wrong – focusing on the big picture is great and very important. But big picture thinking tends to come with its share of distractions: social media, contacts we need to keep in touch with, etc. While it’s all well and good to build a long term framework for our business, it should never come at the expense of day to day cash flow.

So how do you make this “priority-shift” work for you?

Once you’ve done the one thing that gets you paid RIGHT AWAY, move on to other important aspects that build your business long term.

Sounds simple, but takes discipline. All depends on your current business. For example:

If you have an email list, perhaps that means sending out an offer for an affiliate product so you can get paid. If it’s that easy for you, AWESOME…

If you’re a service provider with contracts to fulfill, COMPLETE one and submit it so you can get paid.

Maybe you’re into CPA – in that case, get a campaign up and running before you do anything else.

Let’s say you’re into eComm, Amazon or eBay … then by all means start your day by sending some traffic to your offers and stores. Want to build long term? Awesome! That starts AFTER lunch. The morning is reserved for making money TODAY.

If none of these apply, then you’ve just gotta go out and sell something. Or find something to sell. And develop a market of people to sell stuff to.

If you’re completely new and this is overwhelming, don’t fear. Just think about priorities.

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Our ONGOING priority should and always be doing the one thing that gets us paid the fastest. Why?

It keeps us moving forward. Income = motivation. It’s easy to write dozens of blog and social media posts and convince ourselves we’re “building our brand”.

But until we’re monetizing something, we’re not moving forward in any tangible way.
Start with the basics, and move from there.

Brick and mortar businesses are great examples of this in action. Sure, many are thinking medium to long term. But the rule of the day is that profits today take priority. Because without those, there may not be a tomorrow.

The basics equate to money in the bank.

Affiliate promos.
Product sales.
Subscribers on our list (indirect but usually translate to profits shortly).

Then, AND ONLY THEN, should you move on to the more general “business building” stuff.

Funny how the most successful people online have made more by lunch than most people struggling to get started make in a day or even a week.

How? They always put earning at the top of the food chain. Once they’ve accomplished that, it’s easy to keep building the business.

The amazing result of actually earning any income at all online is the renewed support we get from family and friends. When your spouse or loved ones realize you actually made some money, they get really excited about supporting you.

Takes a lot of pressure off and keeps you motivated as well.

So – short term kick start plan for the New Year?

Chase the money FIRST.

Once it starts coming in, focus on building your business, and before you know it, the money will start chasing YOU.

This stuff may seem obvious, but it’s funny how the obvious escapes us when we’re building an online business. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember a funny old vegetable juice commercial for V8.

People slapping themselves on the forehead after looking at complex ways to solve their problem, then saying “Wow, I should have just had a V8”.

Go on, slap yourself. And say “wow, I really need to focus on bringing in some cash TODAY”.

What are you doing TODAY that is bringing income to your business? Send us a reply or get the conversation rolling on our Facebook page so we can all chime in.

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