How Fast Does It Take YOU To Get Back Up?

“Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” – Alfred Pennyworth, Batman Begins

That was one helluva movie. For way more reasons than that quote. But that quote is the basis for this post.

Story time. Today I was out for a lovely cycle on my road bike. Met up with a group and we headed straight for the hills.

okay that's NOT me
okay that’s NOT me

Got behind someone who was struggling a bit, and decided to stay there for a while to make sure she was alright. We weren’t moving fast at all, and in fact were being passed quite frequently by other riders.

All of a sudden, with no warning whatsoever, she just decided to stop. I could have run right into her, but that didn’t appear wise. And there was no where else to go, with other cyclists passing quite closely.

So, I went down. Clipped right into my pedals. Bounced up like a champ to inspect any possible damage to my bike … and damn if I don’t have a nice scratch along the carbon frame of my most prized bike. But anyway…

Quickly became apparent I was sort of gushing blood from my knee. What a pain in the butt this was! But I just hopped right back on, and washed the wound out best as I could with my water bottle as I continued to ride.

I’m ashamed to admit I let this get to me. For about 10 minutes I was super mad at this person I didn’t even know. She didn’t even realize what she’d done wrong, but that didn’t matter to me.

Now cycling time is precious to me. So I could have stayed in a pissy mood, or made a conscious decision to get over it. I chose the latter.

I got past the minor flesh wound and my sour mood, and set out to have an amazing ride. Logged another 40km in those hills on a glorious day and had one of my better rides this season.

What the hell is the point to all of this? Simple.

Almost every day in this online game we play, we’re going to face obstacles. Something doesn’t go to plan. A plugin or software we buy doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. A website goes down. Someone you’re counting on doesn’t show up. Bottom line? Shit happens.

And HOW people deal with it is what separates the “haves” from the “have nots”. I’m definitely NOT saying that because I got up after bashing my knee in a cycling accident that I’m some sort of online hero. Far from it.

But I’ve had far bigger setbacks in my online career, and slowly but surely am learning to NOT let them slow me down.

Because if you let ONE minor setback ruin your mood and kill your productivity for a day or more, you’re the loser. No matter what (or who) caused the setback. It’s YOUR mood and you’re in control.

I’ve never been great at this stuff. Just like to get better a bit each time it happens. I allowed myself to be pissed today for about 10 minutes, then made the decision to get over it.

And THAT decision will help down the road in business, when the inevitable setbacks kick in again.

Because the FASTER we pick ourselves up, the more productive we become. And move closer to joining the “haves” and leaving the “have-nots” to enjoy their pissy little moods.

Still picking the asphalt out of my knee, but having written this, it’s now more humorous than anything else…

okay that IS me
okay that IS me

For another great insight into mindset, check out this post from Shane…

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