How To Be Successful At Anything You Want In Life

Success is a funny thing, don’t you think?

Let’s pretend there are two people who want to make some moolah online, Just to have some fun we will call them Sherlock and Watson. They both stumble onto the ‘oh so famous’ Warrior Forum and make their way to the Warrior Special Offers area where they are presented with literally thousands of products they can purchase to help them start their online business.

Now let’s pretend both Sherlock and Watson purchased the same exact product

Fast forward 2 months from and Sherlock is bringing in a nice $2,000 per month following the methods he learned in that product, but Watson hasn’t made a single penny.  Not only has Watson not made a single penny, but he has actually wasted more money by purchasing about 6 more products in the past 8 weeks and hasn’t been able to make any of them work.

In the internet marketing world, there are those that are like Sherlock and can seem to make money from ANYTHING, and then there are those like Watson who can’t seem to make a single penny and end up wasting money every single week on the next “latest and greatest” product.

There are many who say the “Sherlock’s” of the world are just lucky. They make things work because they got lucky…

But that’s not the case.

The truth is the Sherlock’s have a formula they follow for everything they do in life, and if you just follow this formula you will be successful in anything YOU want to do in life as well.

The formula is:

A Burning Desire + Laser Targeted Focus = Success

If you have a deeply rooted desire to achieve something, and you are able to have laser targeted focus, you will be success.

In fact, I will go as far to say that as long as you follow that formula you literally CAN’T fail. Desire + Focus WILL equal success every time.

Let’s talk about these two things in detail

A Burning Desire

Too many people confuse Desire’s with Wants.  My friend, I am here to tell you there is a BIIIIGGGG difference between your desires and your wants. There are no doubt a lot of things we want in life.  In fact, if you gave me five minutes I could probably list 200+ things I want right now. But if you gave me those same five minutes and asked me to list my desires, there would be A LOT less.


So what is a burning desire?  It’s that thing that is on your mind from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, and then it’s that thing you dream about when you are asleep. A burning desire is what motivates you in life, it’s what makes you jump out of bed in the morning ready to take action. It’s what gives you the drive in life that you are looking for.

Now here’s the sad truth…The Watson’s of this world don’t have a burning desire.  They hit the snooze button multiple times when their alarms go off because they don’t have that burning desire to get them going. They are lazy with their work and try to take as many shortcuts as they can because they don’t really have a goal they are working towards. Then they go to bed at night and repeat the same cycle the next day with absolutely NO excitement or energy.

So let me ask you this…do you have a burning desire?

What are you working towards? What are your goals? What motivates you to get out of bed? What’s on your mind all day and all night.

Your burning desire should always be on your mind, you shouldn’t have to be reminded what it is.

If someone were to wake you up at three in the morning and ask you what your burning desire is you should be able to tell them without having to think about it.

Maybe your desire is to make enough money to quite your job. Maybe it’s to make enough money to support your family, or maybe your desire is to use the internet to become filthy rich and purchase a 2 million dollar house and have your dream cars.  Maybe your desire is to travel the world and use the money you make from the internet to support you. Maybe your desire is to give as much money as possible to charity and watch your money make a major difference in the lives of others.

Whatever your desire is, I want you to think of it right now.

Got it?

Ok, now I want you to get out a pen and a piece of paper and write down that desire.

Seriously, do it now!

Once your desire is written down, you engrave it in your brain. You can read it every single morning when you wake up and every single night before you go to bed.

Let this desire fuel you, let it give you the drive you need to work even when you don’t want it to work.  Let it prevent you from hitting that snooze button.

If you don’t have a burning desire, you won’t be successful.


Laser Targeted Focus

You can think of your burning desire as fuel for a car, and laser targeted focus as the car itself.

Without fuel, the car won’t go anywhere. But without the car, the fuel is pointless and won’t help you get from point A to point B.

So now that you have all the fuel you need to get you to where you want to go, let’s talk about the vehicle that will get you there (laser targeted focus).

It’s soooo easy to get distracted when doing internet marketing for multiple reasons.

First off, when you work online you have constant access to your emails, your Facebook, LinkedIn, any website you desire, and MySpace…just kidding about the MySpace, if you still have a MySpace we have bigger issues to talk about.

Anyways, as you can tell it’s easy to get distracted.

But there’s another way you can get distracted, and in my opinion it’s a worse distraction than the first way.

Have you ever heard of Shiny Object Syndrome? It’s something all the Watson’s of the world suffer from, and it’s something I used to suffer from also.

Shiny Object Syndrome basically means you are constantly purchasing new products, constantly moving from one method to another.

Now there is a fine line here because I don’t believe the learning should ever stop, I purchase new products every single day in hopes to learn one thing that I can add to my current strategy to help me make even more money.

Heck, I even send you emails recommending products I have purchased and thought were really good. But the thing is I never ever ever ever ever send out an email recommending a product if I didn’t actually purchase it myself and go through the entire thing.

So I am not saying purchasing new products is a bad thing, like I said I purchase products on a daily basis to continue my learning.

But notice that I said when I purchase products I purchase them with the intent of hoping to find something new to add to my current strategy.

I did NOT say I purchase new products to change my strategy. There is a very big difference.


You need to have ONE strategy, and you need to stick to that ONE strategy until you become successful with it. Then once your are successful with it you can purchase more products to help you EXPAND and GROW that strategy.

If you don’t have laser targeted focus on one strategy and you bounce around from one thing to the next then you won’t be successful because you aren’t sticking with one thing long enough to allow it to be successful.

The Watson’s of this world change their strategy and business model every single week. The Sherlock’s decide to stick to one strategy until it becomes successful.

There are literally thousands of strategies for you to choose that can work, the important thing is that you choose one and stick to it.

To give you an example of how powerful this concept of sticking to one thing is, try this…

Create a blog, make one post to it every single day for a full year.

Yup, just ONE post per day. This shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes per day.

I can say with 100% confidence that your blog is going to be making you money. There’s no way it won’t be. Even if you don’t create a single backlink to help with SEO, if you make one post to your blog for a full year, your blog will be making you money.

To Conclude…

Sorry about the length of this post, I know it got kind of long but I do feel like this concept is one of (if not THE) most important topics if you want to succeed online.

If you have that burning desire that takes up every thought in your mind and you combine that with laser targeted focus on one strategy, you are going to succeed.

So what do you say Sherlock, you ready for success?



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6 thoughts on “How To Be Successful At Anything You Want In Life

  • May 20, 2015 at 6:01 am

    Great advice, Sherlock. Most people end up failing online because they lack focus and have their fingers in too many pies.

    • May 20, 2015 at 5:31 pm

      Very true, when you spread yourself too thin you can’t expect great results 🙂

  • May 20, 2015 at 7:36 am

    Ah yes…Shiny Object Syndrome, or S.O.S. for short. I suffer from this; and every time I try something new, I might as well send out an S.O.S. as I see my chances of success sinking in front of my eyes. Great post… I will need to try to focus on one method only and, like you suggest, only use new information products to add to my chosen strategy.

    Thanks for the slap around the back of the head (figuratively speaking of course) 🙂

    • May 20, 2015 at 5:36 pm

      Thanks for the comment Kev. S.O.S. is something everyone goes through, the important thing is that you recognized it and are on a mission to correct it!!

  • May 20, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    This post came right on time. I needed it to reaffirm that I am on the right track as I have beat myself up a bit about getting more and more products and thinking I was not moving forward with my vision. However, in reading this I realize that, yes, I have purchased a lot of products, but none of them are outside of my niche and all have enhanced the service I provide.

    I also found solace in knowing I have a burning desire and it took no time at all for me to think about it and be able to write it down. I had been beating myself up about this as well (slightly), because it seems I am not making enough money to match my burning desire.

    Now that I know I am on the right track, I will continue, but I will hone in on the Formula and tighten it up even more so that the finances can begin to match the desire. I am not running scared, I am running to WIN!

    Thank you so much for insisting I read this right now. You were absolutely right. I have it bookmarked. I have also taken notes and I have the formula on a sticky note on my computer.

    • May 20, 2015 at 5:39 pm

      That’s awesome to hear! I love how you were able to think of your burning desire right away without having to take time to think about it. Now it’s just time to focus on that one method until you start to see success from it.

      If I were you, I would go through all the products you have purchased and pick out the “best of” within each product and put together a strategy you are confident with.


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