How to Plan an Awesome Keyword Strategy

Planning and researching your keyword strategy is something most marketers take for granted.

This can be used for blog post ideas, content emails to your list, affiliate products to promote and find out how we use it also for product creation research.

If you have a website, or run PPC ads or do internet marketing of any sort, then you’ll understand the importance of using good keywords.  I’m not going to go into detail about the importance of using good keywords, so if you are new to keyword research and usage, just understand that good keywords are critical.

Let’s jump straight into how to build a strategic keyword list.  First, I’ll give you a quick overview, and then I’ll go through the process step by step with an example. As a starting point you’ll use and generate a relevant keyword list.

After you have your starting keyword list, go to Quora and the Warrior Forum (Warrior Forum only if you are in the Internet Marketing niche) and search for questions related to your main keywords.

Why should you do this?   Well, a recent search query study was done which shows that 27% of searches are done in question form.  One interesting bit of information from the study is “How” questions were the most searched (at 44%) while “Why” questions were the least (at 12%).   Find popular questions related to your keyword, and use those in your keyword plan.

Of all the searches on the internet, 50% are fragment queries (using short tail keywords of 2-3 words) and the other 50% are full queries (long tail keywords of 4+ words).   This means that you should use 50% long tail keywords and 50% short tail  in your keyword plan and of the 50% long tail keywords, make sure to include a good number of popular related questions.

For example, if you’re selling a list building product you would use 50% short tail keywords like “list building” and “email marketing” and you would use 50% long tail keywords like “build a buyer’s email list” and “How to grow a mailing list”.

Another thing you should do when making your long tail keywords, is type them into Google search (use a browser that you don’t normally use so your searches won’t affect the results), as you start to type your long tail keyword (or keyword phrase) look at the suggestions that pop up.

The top related suggestions are the top searches on Google so you’ll want to be sure to add those to your keyword list.

Try different variations of your keyword phrases to see what suggestions pop up the most.  You want to use keywords that people are searching for and this is a good way to see if people are actually searching for your keywords.

After you have your finalized list, go into Google Adwords and use the Keyword Planner, and select the “search volume” option. Paste your keyword list into there and see what Google says the search results are to give you an idea of what are popular searches.

Keep in mind though that Google’s keyword planner isn’t always accurate, but it can give you a decent idea.   You can also use software like Market Samurai, which is a bit more user friendly than Keyword Planner.

Order your keywords from most important to least important (according to your research using Ubersuggest, Quora, Google Search, and the Keyword Planner tool), make sure you have 50% short tail and 50% long tail keywords and you’re all set!

Now that I’ve explained it, I’ll walk you through an example.   For this example,  I’ll do keyword research for a niche website related to email marketing.

To start, we go to Ubersuggest and generate the following keyword idea list entering email marketing and list building  (you can more specific keywords, but for this example I’m using more general ones) and then selecting the ones most related to the blog.

email marketing
email marketing services
email marketing tips
email marketing strategy
email marketing statistics
email marketing articles
email marketing best practices
email marketing blog
email marketing basics
email marketing benefits
email marketing best time to send
email marketing campaign
email marketing course
email marketing conversion rates
email marketing guru
email marketing guide
email marketing goals
email marketing how to
email marketing hacks
email marketing help
email marketing headlines
email marketing ideas
email marketing interview questions
email marketing is dead
email marketing lists
email marketing lists free
email marketing leads
email marketing landing pages
email marketing newsletter
email marketing new product
email marketing open rates
email marketing optimization
email marketing opt in
email marketing platforms
email marketing plan
email marketing process
email marketing roi
email marketing response rates
email marketing tips
email marketing tools
email marketing trends
email marketing trends 2015
email marketing training
email marketing vs social media
email marketing 101
list building
list building services
list building biz in a box
list building software
list building strategies
list building secrets
list building breakthrough
list building course
list building apps
list building affiliate program
list building articles
list building blog
list building basics

It took me all of two minutes to select that list using ubersuggest, so it won’t take you long at all.

Now that we have our starting keyword list, we’ll start to narrow it down by seeing what are the top things that Google suggests when we start to type in the keywords.  Keep in mind that for most niches with PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, the more popular the keyword, the higher the CPC (cost per click) will be.


Here are the top results:

email marketing software
email marketing tips
email marketing tricks
email marketing best practices
list building software
list building strategies
list building course

Then, we’ll search for questions related to those topics on quora.  Keep in mind that for most niches with PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, the more popular the keyword, the higher the CPC (cost per click) will be.

Now we go over to Quora and when I search for Email Marketing and Email list building, the most asked questions are:

  • What is the best email marketing software
  • How does email marketing work
  • Where do you get an email list


So, I know those are good ones to use.  Feel free to get more if you want. (Seeing the potential of using Quora for product creation research yet?)

Next we tie it all together to create our final keyword plan.

We’ll need 50% short tail so we’ll take the google search results for those:

Email marketing software
Email marketing tips
Email marketing tricks
Email marketing best practices
list building software
list building strategies
list building course

Then add your favorite short tail keywords from the list you generated on Ubersuggest:

Email marketing services, email marketing, email marketing course, etc…. (add other keywords that are relevant to your blog)

And then we’ll add our 50% long tail keywords using the questions from Quora/Warrior Forum and converting some of our keywords into question form.

What is the best email marketing software
How does email marketing work
Where do you get an email list
What is the best list building software
What is the best email marketing course
How to get more optins
Best email marketing strategies
Is email marketing dead
What is email marketing
Top email marketing platforms

When you set up the blog, you will include your keywords from this list in your headlines, URLS, anchor texts, content, picture fie names, video titles, comments, etc..

You can use more keywords than in the example I just gave, but to save on space, I kept the list short.

And there you have it, a fast and effective way to plan an awesome keyword strategy!

This kind of plan is perfect if you are setting up an authority niche site, or making a search engine optimized blog post, or web page.  Just make sure the content you are showing is worth the viewers’ time, or all your keyword research will have been in vain.

And one final word of advice: NO KEYWORD STUFFING! (This means you cram your posts full of keywords in an attempt to rank higher.)  If Google thinks you are keyword stuffing, they will penalize you.

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