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Maybe you have heard that a picture is worth thousand words and it is definitely true and you can gain a lot because of this old saying. How? By using the power of infographics which is growing with each day.

What is Infographic?

An information graphic (infographic) is a visual representation of a data set or instructive material. An infographic takes a big amount of information in text or numerical form and then condenses it into a combination of images and text, allowing viewers to quickly grasp the essential insights the data contains. And people really love them.

Here it is an example:


Why you should consider infographic traffic as part of your overall strategy?

  • An 800% increase in searches on Google in just the last two years.
  • 65% of your audience are visual learners which means that they absorb better and prefer images, photos and videos
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more

Now you know why they are so powerful. But how to use their power for free?

There are websites like –, Pitkochart, Vennage , which can help you to create your infographics for free. The first one gives you 30 day trial and in this period you can see and use all of this platform functions and it doesn’t want your credit card info.

Before you create your infographics you should decide what your topic is going to be and it would be the best to find a hot topic even though popular topic will also work.

How to find hot topics?

You can use the free help of Google trends ( Just go there, type a keyword related to your niche and look for rising trends. After that you should scroll down and find “Queries”, this is your golden section. This will give you a good information which topic is hot these days.

google trends

So, if you are in the paleo niche it would be a good idea to create one on paleo breakfasts for example.

As you can see it is not hard at all to find out what people are searching for and give them what they need. This is what I call real business – find what people need, give it to them and make some good cash – WIN – WIN.

In order to make your infographics to scream “Share me”, you should put some valuable tips in it. So, this leads us to the next question:

How to find data for our infographics?

You can always make a small research using your own blog posts, your niche leaders’ websites, science researches, you can also use the data from some old Infographics too or use some free tools. In that case we can use Google News or Google Scholar. Both platforms can give you a lot of reliable information just by typing your keyword in their search bar.

So, you can easily collect some data using all the mentioned resources and make simple and attractive Infographics which can be created for free through the other mentioned websites and here comes the BIG question – how to generate traffic using them?

First and foremost, you should put your link on the top of your infographics using any image editing software, so, when somebody decide to share your infographics you will generate a good amount of traffic. The next step is to post it in as many infographic traffic directories as possible.

In most of this infographics sharing websites, you can write a small description in which you can also put your website link, which is additional way of driving traffic. So, with one Infographics you have two chances to drive free traffic to your website and Infographics also build your authority.

Last but not least, you can share your Infographics in your social media profiles too. People love to share this type of visual materials.

There are so many of them and you can easily find tons of  sharing websites simply by typing “Submit Infographics” in Google. This article lists 20 places you can submit yours too: Top 20 Free Infographic Directories…

Also on Fiverr there are several sellers who will do this for you and submit to the directories. Well worth $5.50 in my opinion.

Infographics are killer traffic generating strategy and I am sure that know you can see it.

Take the extra step to try a few out in the niches you are in and enjoy the extra traffic!

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