Keep Your Internet Marketing Momentum Burning Strong!

I just wanted to drop a quick post to offer a bit of inspiration and, hopefully, a touch of motivation as well to keep your internet marketing momentum burning strong!

But my main purpose for writing this post is simply to clear up a common misconception that I hear and read on literally a daily basis. And you see it most often in people’s product offers…

This sort of dependency we seem to have on internet marketing “products.” And what I’m about to assert may be the polar opposite of what you’re thinking. What do I mean?

Well, it seems that we’ve developed a disdain for the act of purchasing multiple products. We’ve even given it a cute little name: shiny object syndrome.

But is it really a syndrome?

I say it’s not.

If you’re an internet marketer and you buy a lot of internet marketing books, videos, and memberships – provided you’re using the tools and strategies to move your own business forward – then you’re simply building a library. I buy multiple products a week just to make sure I’m not missing anything and picky up little tips here and there that I can incorporate into my business model.

And you show me one person who takes their profession seriously who doesn’t have a library of literature and other materials related to their craft, and I’ll show you a total faker!

Think about it. What kinds of books and videos will you find in an MMA fighter’s home? How about a professional rodeo rider? A doctor? A lawyer? A physicist? See what I’m saying?

If you’re a professional IMer, or even if you just aspire to be, then you should be building up your library, actively consuming the material, and incorporating the best ideas and practices into your own business. Do you agree?

Of course, the strategies will ideally be effective… but that’s not within your control. All you can do is apply what makes sense, scrap what doesn’t, and monitor your results.

If you honestly try something and it doesn’t work for you, then you just got an incredibly valuable education. Failure is the greatest path to success on Earth!

So get out there and freakin’ fail… a lot!

That’s where your greatest successes will be born… guaranteed.

So when I referred to having an IM product dependency earlier, what I was really referring to was this idea that one single product or WSO should be powerful enough to change a person’s life. Totally unrealistic, in my opinion.

There are some truly great IM courses and products out there. But to say that one course had the power to earn you a living would be like saying you went to college to get your Master’s degree in Chemisty…

But after taking just one chemistry class for one semester, you complain that you’re not earning $87,000 a year as a chemist. It’s ridiculous. To earn a sustainable, respectable full-time income online, you need to get a lot of education. So go get it. Don’t be ashamed of investing in your IM education.

It’s NOT a damn syndrome!

As long as you’re constantly moving forward, it’s game on.

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant a bit today. I really had to get that off my chest. I hope it has served you… though I don’t expect it to have changed your entire life! ;)

Have an awesome day, and I’ll see you again soon with some more great business models, strategies, product recommendations, and hopefully some healthy doses of inspiration.

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