List Building Tutorial

list building tutorial

Well howdy! I am so glad you decided to join us in the wonderful world of list building!

Shane Farrell here, and I just wanted to let you know that I am super excited for you.  Once you build a list of responsive subscribers your life will NEVER be the same.

Sorry for the length of this post. I usually try to keep my posts nice and short, but I wanted to make sure this was a complete list building tutorial for you all so I had to get a little lengthy with it.

Now even though this is a lengthy post, it is broken up into sections and after each section there will be homework assignments. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the homework assignments before you move onto the next section.

This guide is designed to be a “do as you read” guide, which means that I want you to take action as you are reading.  If you do the homework assignments at the end of each section, by the time you finish reading this whole thing you will have a full list building business up and running :).

But before we get into the “How To’s” of list building, I wanted to take some time to let you know why you should be building your list. I believe knowing the “WHY” behind everything is just as important as knowing the “HOW”. So let’s talk a bit about the WHY’s of list building before we get into the HOW’S

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Why Should You Build A List?

“The Money is In The List”.  There is a good chance you have heard that saying hundreds of times.  I don’t know about you, but from day one of my internet marketing career I was getting the advice of “If you want to be successful online, you need to build a list”.

Unfortunately, I ignored this advice for many years and that is by far the biggest mistake I have ever made in my career online.

When you have a list of subscribers, you control the “where, when, and what”

What do I mean by this? You get to choose where you want to send the traffic, you get to choose when you want to send the traffic to a certain website or offer, and you get to choose what website or offer you send your list to.

Let’s say you are a blogger and you just wrote a new blog post. If you don’t have a list you have to wait and hope that eventually that post ranks in Google before you start to see any traffic.  If you have a list, you can simply write the new post and send an email out to your list and get INSTANT traffic.

Controlling traffic SO IMPORTANT for any online business, and the best way to do it is through a list.

So now that you understand WHY you should build a list, let’s talk about HOW!

Step 1-Choosing Your Niche


The first step in building a list is to choose your niche.  This step always makes me laugh because a lot of people make this so much more complicated than it actually is. There are really only two questions you need to ask yourself before you choose a niche.

1) Are You Passionate About The Topic?

The first question is pretty self-explanatory.  You don’t need to do any research to know if you are passionate about the topic.

But why do you need to be passionate about the niche you choose?  Because if you aren’t passionate about it, two things are going to happen.  First, you are going to get REALLY bored.

The niche you choose is the topic you will be talking about for years, and if you aren’t passionate about that topic it becomes really boring, if you are passionate about that topic it becomes unbelievably FUN!

The second reason is because your subscribers will know you don’t really care. You might be able to ‘fake’ enthusiasm for a little bit, but after a while you won’t be able to fake that enthusiasm anymore and your subscribers will be able to tell.

You need to understand that when you build a list of subscribers, you all of the sudden become the leader.  These people look to YOU for advice and they feed off your energy.  If you lose the energy, so will they and that causes the list to become very unresponsive.

To give you an example, years back I chose a niche on insurance. I had ZERO passion for insurance, I just chose that niche because there was a lot of money in it.  But to be honest, after a few months I hated it, I regretted choosing that niche, and my list started to become very unresponsive because I became a terrible leader.

It became obvious to all my subscribers I was just in it for the money, not to actually help my subscribers.

That’s when I switched over to the internet marketing niche and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. You see, it’s not just about the money anymore.  Everyday I wake up with a passion to help people, and because of that the money naturally follows.

So please don’t make the same mistake I did at first and choose a niche just because there’s a lot of money in it…make sure you are passionate about it and don’t mind talking about it on a daily basis.

2) Is There Money To Be Made?

Once you think of a niche you have passion for, you need to ask yourself if there is money to be made.  Now 99% of the time the answer to this question is going to be yes.  There’s a good chance there will affiliate offers you can promote, but even if there isn’t you can always monetize the site with Adsense ads.
free training


This means there really is no need to stress out about figuring out if your niche is able to be monetized, because the chances are it can.


-Take some time to think about your passions and choose a niche based on what you are passionate about.

Step 2-It All Starts With A Free Offer

In its most basic, stripped-down form, list building is simply the act of enticing people to opt-in to your email list by providing something of value in exchange.

This “something of value” is going to either a simple little ebook, a video series, or a 7-day email series teaching them something they want to learn.

Now I know what you are thinking…

“But Shane, I don’t have anything to give away!”

Quick fix, my friend. You can either take a few short hours to create your own giveaway report or video (provided you’re actually knowledgeable on the niche you’re working in), acquire the giveaway rights to a product that already exists (also known as purchasing PLR), or you can hire a Ghostwriter to write short report for you on your behalf.

There are pros and cons to each of these approaches, let’s go over a few below:

Pros and Cons to doing it yourself

Pros: This is likely the best option because it will give your subscribers a chance to get to know your personality through your writing.  Also, if you are knowledgeable about your topic this will likely provide the most value to your subscribers.

Cons:  It takes time.  Other than that there really is no con to creating the free (valuable) gift yourself.

Pros and Cons of acquiring PLR

Pros: It can be done in a matter of minutes and it’s usually really cheap (less than $10.00).

Cons: PLR usually isn’t all that great and doesn’t provide much value to your subscribers.  On top of that there is a chance your subscriber has already seen that offer before and this will cause them to instantly lose trust in you.

Pros and Cons of hiring a ghostwriter

Pros:  Has the potential to be just as good as if you were to write it yourself, but you don’t have to actually spend the time writing it.

Cons: There is no guarantee that it is going to be any good.  Also, your subscribers will get to know THEIR personality, not yours. This is important because when it comes to list building and email marketing, letting your subscribers get to know your personality is important.

What Would I Do?

It’s really hard to answer that.  I am at the point now where I write all my own stuff but that’s because I do believe I am knowledgeable enough to write high quality information on most topics.

If you feel like you aren’t knowledgeable enough to write high quality information on the topic of your choice, then your next best option would be to hire a Ghostwriter, but make sure the ghostwriter knows how to do proper research to put together a quality report in your niche.  If you are going to hire a ghostwriter I recommend UpWork.Com (Formally known as

If you REALLY don’t want to do either of those, you can purchase PLR.  I have done this in the past with success, but you MUST make sure the PLR product is a high quality one.  This means you might have to purchase multiple PLR products before you come across one that is actually good enough to put your own name on it. If you want to purchase PLR I recommend

Regardless of how you choose to acquire your free gift to give away, the most important thing is that you don’t get stuck on this step. Do NOT fail to take action for the sake of over-thinking this stuff. It’s quicker, easier, and cheaper to acquire a freebie than you may think.

So please don’t get this wrong. Unfortunately, a lot of people do. They mistakenly adopt the attitude that as long as the freebie is related to the niche they’re working in, all is well.

This is just plain dumb.

You need to put a lot of focus on this. Freebie selection is not to be performed haphazardly, okay?

Here’s the Bottom Line…

I personally believe that it’s very important that you’re able to give people an absolutely astounding freebie. The more your freebie can enlighten, educate, and even entertain your audience, the more likely they’ll be to buy the products you recommend in the future.

Yes, the quality of your freebie is directly related to the responsiveness of your list. So please, please, please… don’t screw this up, okay?

At the same time, don’t labor over this to the point where you never get it done. Having something to offer is generally much better than having nothing to offer.

But if you’re gonna take the time to get a freebie put together, then it may as well be something that gives you the greatest possible chance of success. Don’t you agree?


– Choose whether you will write your own free gift, hire someone to write it for you, or acquire PLR

– Get the free gift ready to go!

That’s all your homework for step 2. Get it done and I will see you in step 3!

Step 3: Building Your Squeeze Page


For step 3, I’m gonna prepare you to expose yourself for all the world to see. Don’t worry, you can keep your clothes on! 😉

But you definitely don’t want to be modest about getting your freebie into as many hands as you can. Quick caveat: as many worthy hands as you can.

Some people will never spend a dime with you, no matter how hard you try. These folks are habitual tire kickers. But I’ll show you how to avoid these people (or get a different type of usage out of them) in another step.

Right now, we’re just focusing on opening up your doors and presenting your freebie to the masses.

How Do You Get Your Freebie Out There?

Easy, you build a squeeze page. I’m sure you know what a squeeze page is, right? Just in case you’re not 100% on this, it’s simply a single web page on which your freebie is offered in exchange for an email address. There’s a little form, a product image, a list of benefits…

This is also known as a lead-capture page, and capturing leads truly is your squeeze page’s ONLY purpose. You’re not trying to sell anything, drop any links, or take your visitor’s attention off of your main objective in any way, at any time.

It’s “give me your email address or get the heck off the page!”

You Need Hosting

You can’t have a squeeze page (or any website for that matter) without hosting.  I personally use HostGator, and you can sign up for HostGator for 1 penny by clicking here. Once you sign up with Hosting, you now need to sign up with an Autoresponder company.

Sign Up With An Autoresponder Company

Before you can create your squeeze page you first need to sign up with an autoresponder company.  Now I know there is a lot of debate out there as to which autoresponder company is the best, but I have used just about all of them and can say with complete confidence that Aweber is  better than them all.

Click here to sign up with Aweber For Just $1.00

Using WordPress To Create Your Squeeze Page

I use WordPress for about 90% of my business and I know a lot of you guys do as well.  That’s why I decided to show you guys how I create squeeze pages using WordPress.

Opt-in Links

My personal favorite plugin for WordPress to create INCREDIBLE squeeze pages is a Plugin by Kevin Strong called Opt-in Links. Yes, Opt-in Links does cost a bit of money, but trust me when I say this investment is worth it.

Not only does this plugin make it extremely easy to create beautiful squeeze pages, but it increases your conversions as well.

It comes with two extremely high converting templates, but it does a lot more than just that. Instead of trying my best to tell you everything it does, just click here and watch the video demonstration. If you give it a try you will see why it is by far my number one choice when it comes to creating squeeze pages using WordPress.

If you REALLY don’t want to spend any money on a plugin right now, there are some free plugins and templates available if you just Google search. So if you can’t afford Opt-in Links right now I understand, but eventually you should make the transition.

How To Get 40%+ Conversions

The goal is to create a squeeze page that converts at a minimum of 40%. These tips will help you reach that number.

1-You Need An Intriguing Headline

The most important part of your squeeze page is your headline. Many of you are in the internet marketing niche so you need to think of the people who will likely be signing up to your list. Chances are good they don’t have much money right now and they want something that works quickly and easily.

So your headline could be something like “100% Free! How I Make $103.98 Every Single Day And How You Can Too!”

Now I am not telling you to sit there and lie to them (even though most marketers do), but you need to make your headline intriguing and you need to make them want to sign up.

2-Include A Call To Action

On my squeeze pages, I actually tell the person to leave their email address in order to get the gift. Instead of just having an opt-in form there with no text above it, you need to literally say something along the lines of “Leave Your Email Address Below”.

That is a strong call to action and if you can find a place to include that within the copy of the headline or the sub-headline there is a good chance your conversions will increase. It might sound funny, but sometimes people need to be told what to do.

3-Include An Image of The Gift

If you can actually put in a picture of the cover of your freebie product you are giving away, this will increase your conversions. Each time I include a picture of the product I am giving them for free, my conversions increase.

People like to know what they are getting before they enter their email address and when you include a picture of the cover you are showing them what they can get in exchange for their email address.

Keep those three things in mind when creating your squeeze page. Remember the goal is to make sure your squeeze page converts at 40% minimum. When you start driving traffic to it just keep an eye on the conversion rates.

If you follow those three tips it should be above 40%, but if it isn’t you might need to make some small changes.


-Sign Up For HostGator For 1 Penny

-Sign Up For Aweber For $1.00

-Pick Up A Copy of Opt-in Links

-Create Your Squeeze Page

Step 4: Instant Upsell Profits


When you go to McDonalds (or pretty much any fast food joint), what’s the first thing they will ask you after you place your order?  “Would You Like Fries With That?”  You might not realize it at the time, but they are upselling you!

You just placed your oder, they have your credit card in hand and ask you one simple question to try to extract more money out of you.

You are going to be doing something VERY similar. Although you don’t have their credit card in hand, you DO have their FULL attention and you need to take advantage of this.  The biggest problem people make in the world of list building is not taking advantage of their thank you page.

The thank you page will be seem by EVERYONE who subscribes to your list, and unfortunately most people send them to a page that just says “Thanks for subscribing, please check your inbox”.  NOOOOO!!!!!

Sure, there might be times when that is appropriate, but 99% of the time you need to ask them if “they want fries with that”.

Let me explain further…

For just a moment, contemplate this type of scenario taking place in a real-world situation. You go into a fine restaurant, order yourself and your date a couple steak and lobster dinners, a couple bottles of fine wine, and a fabulous dessert…

And at the end of your meal, just when it seems that nothing could make this experience any better, the waiter approaches your table and hands you two crisp $100 bills, thanking you and wishing you an incredible night.

It’s an absurd notion, isn’t it?

Except that, in the wonderful world of list building, this can become your reality.

Certainly not in the literal case of steak, lobster and Benjamins… but most assuredly in the sense of building a wildly lucrative email list… not only for FREE… but actually for an immediate profit.

In other words, you can get paid to build your list!


Welcome To The Magical Land of Upsell Funnels!

The cool thing about building an email list is that you’ve literally just “captured” an audience that you can market to again and again. And there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this fact straight away.

In essence, what you want to do immediately upon your new subscriber signing up to grab your freebie, is send them to a related paid offer. This can be an affiliate offer or one of your own products. If you have your own offer, use it!  If not, there’s nothing wrong with using an affiliate offer.

It really doesn’t matter what the offer is, provided it’s a proven converter. I am going to assume most of you will be using affiliate offers, so in that case it’s also smart to select an affiliate offer that comes complete with its own upsell funnel.

In other words, your new subscriber opts into your list and is taken to a thank-you page. This is simply a very basic page you set up telling your new subscriber thanks for signing up, letting them know that their download link will be emailed to them, and then giving them a link to click on.

This link will lead them to your upsell offer. This will be an affiliate offer that’s highly related to your freebie’s main topic. And the actual product vendor for whom you’re promoting will actually have a few upsells in place that allow you to earn bigger and bigger commissions right out of the gate.

Here’s An Example:

Let’s say that the product vendor is charging $9.95 for their front-end product and paying 100% commissions to their affiliates (common practice in the IM niche), and then they’re offering a $27 first upsell… and a $47 second upsell.

And let’s say that they’re paying their affiliates 50% commissions on these upsells. Again, this is an extremely common situation in IM.

We will get into two awesome methods to drive traffic to your squeeze page in the next few sections, but for now let’s assuming to drive traffic to your squeeze page you pay $80 for a 250-click solo ad. And the solo ad seller over-delivers and sends you 300 clicks. This is incredibly common.

We’ll assume that your squeeze page converts visitors into subscribers at a respectable 35% rate. Just for the sake of easy math, we’ll say you get 100 new subscribers. So you paid 80 bucks for 100 new subscribers.

Now, of those 100 people, nearly all of them will be presented with the affiliate offer you’re promoting. So 100 folks see the offer. And we’ll assume a standard 5% sales conversion rate. In this very realistic scenario, you’ll get 5 sales.

So you’ve earned a quick 50 bucks.

Obviously, you spent $80 on your solo ad. With this $50 profit, you’re only out a measly $30, right? Well, that’s only if they didn’t take the vendor up on their upsells. But it’s very likely that at least one of these five buyers will buy again.

If just one buys the $27 upsell, you put another $13.50 in your pocket. That means you’ve only spent $16.50 on your solo. And if they go on to buy that bigger upsell, you’re actually in profit… you got paid to put 100 new people on your list!

Of course, this is just an example.

But it’s an extremely realistic example. And if you can boost your opt-in conversions to 45% and your sales conversions to 7%… and order bigger solo ad packages at a discounted rate… the sky is truly the limit.

Anyway, I just wanted to get you excited about what’s really possible when it comes to list building. I also wanted to present you with the idea that getting yourself set up with a highly profitable OTO isn’t tough at all.

It’s truly just a matter of grabbing an affiliate link and setting up a simple little thank-you page.

Yet it can set you up for a level of repeatable, scalable success that will truly make your jaw drop. This is really powerful stuff, my friend.


– Find an affiliate offer to promote that has an OTO in place. The two most popular places to find affiliate offers are and

– Set up a basic Thank You page encouraging your subscribers to click on the link

– Go into Aweber and make sure your thank you page is the page subscribers see right after they opt-in

Step 5: Free Traffic Method (POWERFUL)


FINALLY!  let’s talk about traffic. I know so many of you have been looking forward to this section, and trust me when I say it was well worth the wait.  A few months ago I wrote a guide Called List Building Breakthrough and covered a traffic method I used to build a huge list for free. Since then thousands of people (literally) have used that same method to build massive and responsive lists of their own.

Luckily, you guys are about to learn that method for free!

So what is this method?

It’s the Kindle KDP Method

he truth is, the Kindle KDP program is my secret weapon when it comes to building a large, high quality list for free. Yes, this method does require some upfront work but the cool thing about this method is once you do the work once, you will receive the traffic FOREVER.

Her’es the jist of how this works…

1) You write  short report (I’ll show you how to easily do this)

2) You leave a link to your squeeze page in the introduction of the report

3) You order a book cover from or create your own

4) You upload your book to the Kindle Marketplace

5) You give away your book for free

That might sound complicated, but it’s not and I will show you how to do each step in a bit.

The reason this system works so well is because the Kindle KDP program allows you to give away your book for free for 5 days every 90 days.  This means each short report you write will turn into a list building machine for 5 days every 90 days.

Keep in mind that’s just one book…there is NO LIMIT to how many books you can upload. If you upload 12 you have enough books to have at least one going free every single day for life, so the list building never stops!

The “How To’s”

First things first, head over to and sign up for an account.  Once signed up you need to get started on writing that report.

I know a lot of you guys are probably wondering how the heck you are going to be writing these books. Especially if you feel like you don’t know too much about your niche. That’s where PLR ebooks come in handy.

Now before you go purchase a PLR book and try to upload it to The KDP Program, you need to understand that it is against KDP’s policy to publish PLR content.

Instead, what you are going to do is either purchase a really cheap PLR ebook or find one online for free and rewrite the content in your owns words. The more you do this the faster you will get at it and eventually you will be able to finish writing these books in 2-3hours.

How To Write Your Kindle Book

Now you might be thinking there is no way you can rewrite a full 10,000+ word ebook in one day…and you are right. You would have to be an extremely fast typist to be able to pull that off.

But what you need to understand is that you only need to put together about 4,000-5,000 words of content before you publish it in the Kindle Marketplace. Truth be told, you don’t even need that many words for it to be accepted, but you do want the people reading the book they downloaded for free to feel like it was at least decent quality.

So if you end up purchasing (or downloading for free) a PLR ebook that is 10,000+ words, don’t freak out thinking you have to rewrite all that content. Just pick and choose a few of the chapters you thought were most important and rewrite those chapters and compile them into a book. It really shouldn’t take morethan a couple of hours.

The most important part of this process is to make sure you include a “Bonus” section both at the beginning before your table of contents and also at the end after your conclusion. We use a screen shot of our squeeze page and link to it inside the book. Here’s an example of what one of ours looks like:

Here’s an example of what one of mine looks like:


Formatting Your Kindle Book

Ok so let’s assume you got your PLR ebook, you picked what chapters you want to rewrite, and you rewrote those chapters. Now it’s time to format this thing and get ready to upload it to the Kindle Marketplace and start getting those subscribers!

Many people have trouble formatting their word documents to work with Kindle, so instead of telling you exactly what to do, I am just going to give you my Kindle Template for free.

You can download it here…

All you need to do is download that file and copy and paste your chapters over. Here’s some step by step instructions on what to do:


Simply write out the title of the book. Make sure you keep the same font type and size.


If you have a subtitle that is where you would put it. If not, then just erase where it says “subtitle”


That is where you will write your name (or pen name).


You can keep that as it is, no need to change anything there

Table Of Contents:

With Kindle, you want to make sure you have a clickable table of contents. The way this is set up, it is automatically clickable for people who download it on a Kindle Device. So when you are DONE copying and pasting the content over the Kindle formatted Word Document and you have changed the chapter titles to whatever your chapter titles are, head over to the Table of Contents, right click and select “Update Field” just like the picture below:


This is where you write your introduction and leave the link to your squeeze page

The Chapters:

Just change the chapter title to whatever you want and paste in your rewritten content where it says to. If you want to add more chapters, all you need to do is make the chapter title a “Heading 1” in Word. Also, it is very important to make sure you add a page break between each chapter instead of just pressing enter a bunch of times to go to the next page. Page breaks have already been added for you in the formatted document you downloaded, you will only need to add page breaks if you need to add more chapters.

Adding a page break is simple, you just press “Control+Enter”


Add your conclusion and then leave a link to the free gift again and remind them to go download it.

Your Are Finished!

Once you get everything over to that Kindle Document, congratulations! Just save the book and get ready to upload your first Kindle Book!

Uploading Your Book To KDP

I could try to do my best to explain to you how to upload the book to Kindle, but the truth is Kindle already has a GREAT step-by-step tutorial on how to do this.  When you are ready to upload you book just head over to here and follow along .

One thing I want to stress though is the importance of making sure you enroll it in the KDP Select program.  If you do not enroll it in the Select program you won’t be able to give it away for free for 5 days every 90 days.

To do this make sure you just select the option that says “Enroll this book in KDP Select”

kdp select

Once that is selected, just follow along with the rest of the step-by-step guide on KDPs website and you will have that book uploaded before you know it!

How To Make The Book Go Free

First off, if you have done all the steps up to this point you should give yourself a HUGE congratulations. You just did a lot of hard work, but this hard work is going to continue to work for you over and over again on autopilot for the rest of your life!

Now let’s talk about how to give your book away for free. Once your book gets approved, you are allowed to set the “free” dates.

This is actually incredibly easy to do. Once you log into your KDP Account, you will be taken straight to your bookshelf.

Next to your book you should see a button called “Manage Benefits”.

Click on the “Manage Benefits” link. You will then be brought to a page where you can choose to make the book go free.

Select “Free Book Promotion” and then select “ Create A New Free Book Promotion Deal For This Book”

That will bring you to a page where you can select which days you want your book to be given away for free. This is completely up to you, and remember you are allowed to give the book away for 5 days out of every 90 days. Personally, I like to give it away for free 5 days in a row on Monday-Friday. That seems to work well for me.

Once you select your dates you just click the “Save Changed” button and that’s it!!

At this point all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the subscribers (and money) come pouring in.

Quick Recap of The KDP Method

 I know that was A LOT of information, so let’s do a quick recap.

1) You purchase a PLR product and rewrite it so it’s about 5,000 words.

2) You leave a link to your squeeze page in the intro AND conclusion.

3) You upload your book to the KDP Marketplace.

4) You select which dates you want to give it away for free.

5) When it is being given away for free, people will download it and see the link to your squeeze page. They will click on that link and sign up to your mailing list.

It’s as easy as that! Make it your goal to get 12 of these reports out as fast as possible. Like I said with 12 reports you can have a never ending supply of free traffic coming in.

Oh, and the best part is YOU WILL GET PAID FOR IT!!

When the book is no longer free, people will actually buy it and you WILL make money, pretty cool huh?


-Write and Upload Your First KDP Report

– Make That Report Free For 5 Full Days

Step 6: Paid Traffic Method


Once you have a list big enough and you are starting to make money, you might want to re- invest that money into solo ads. Solo ads are a great traffic source and probably the easiest way to get high quality traffic quickly. You literally just exchange money for clicks, it’s that easy.

Great Traffic Source But Be Careful

Before you go out and purchase solo ads, I need to warn you that there are a lot of terrible solo ad sellers out there. Some sellers send either bot clicks or they send extremely low tier 1 traffic. Some sellers even try to get away with sending traffic directly from terrible traffic sources like You want to find sellers that will send a minimum of 70% tier 1 traffic strictly from their own email list.

The good news is there are a lot of great and honest sellers out there who will send you awesome traffic and they are actually really easy to find.

Where To Find Solo Ad Sellers

Facebook Groups! There are a lot of Facebook Groups out there for solo ad sellers and buyers, but the one I spend most of my time in is the Testimonials groups.  You can join this group by heading to . Once you notice a seller has received a few positive reviews, go ahead and search their name to see how many reviews they have and double check to make sure they are all mostly positive.

Searching for the name is really easy, just go to the group and click on the little search button in the upper right hand corner.

If the seller has a couple good testimonials, you should send them a message and ask them specific questions. We will go over which questions to ask them below.

The Important Questions To Ask Before You Purchase

Just send them a message letting them know you are interested in purchasing one of their solo ad packages but you have a few questions to ask them first. If the seller is legit, they won’t mind you asking them questions at all. So here are the questions you should ask:

1:How Much Do You Charge Per Click? Obviously you don’t want to overpay for a solo ad. Personally, I never pay more than 45 cents per click and I consider that to be very expensive. I would say on average I pay around 35-38 cents per click.

2:Do You Have A First Time Buyers Discount? A lot of sellers will offer a first time buyers discount just to let the person know how awesome their traffic is and hope they come back for more. If the seller offers a first time buyers discount, that’s great! If not, at least you asked :).

3:Are You A Click Broker? For some reason, “click brokering” has started to become more and more popular. Click brokering is when people with no list or a very small list will go out claiming they have traffic for sale, sell to you at a higher price and then purchase at a lower price.

The problem with click brokering is that in order for them to make a profit, they have to find sellers that sell for super cheap, and usually those sellers send terrible quality traffic. So make sure you ask them if they own the list or if they are brokering. If they are brokering you might want to stay away from them.

4:Do You Guarantee A Certain Tier 1 Percentage? This is extremely important to ask. You want to make sure they send you at least 70% tier 1 traffic, so if they guarantee you that they will send a minimum of 70% tier 1 of the original order size and they don’t, then you have the right to ask for a refund or ask for more tier 1 clicks.

Notice I said of the original order size. A lot of sellers will over-deliver by about 10%, so if you ordered 100 clicks, they might deliver 110 clicks. If you do the math on that, 70% of 110 is 77 clicks.

However, they only need to send you 70 tier 1 clicks because your original order size was 100, not 110. So always do the math based on your order size, don’t include the over-delivery.

5: How Long Does It Take To Deliver The Clicks? Typically, you want the clicks delivered within 72 hours. If the seller can’t deliver the clicks within 72 hours of the agreed send date, then they shouldn’t have sold you that many clicks.

As long as the seller has some good testimonials in the Facebook group and you are satisfied with their answer to those questions, you will be able to purchase from them and be confident that they will deliver high quality clicks.

Remember to track the clicks using My Click Boss or another quality tracker. You want to know exactly how many opt-ins you receive from each seller and how many tier 1 clicks they actually sent you.


-Decide if you want to spend money on traffic to speed up the results

-If so head to the Solo Ads testimonial group and look for sellers with positive testimonials

-Send them a message and ask them those important questions

-If you are satisfied with their answers go ahead and make your purchase!


Alright, it’s time to separate the winners from the losers. The information you just learned can literally change your life, but it’s up to you on whether you want to take action or not.  All I can do is provide the information, I can’t force you to do the work…but the winners are the ones who WILL do the work.

Let’s recap the entire system real quick, shall we?

When it comes to building a wildly profitable email list in your chosen niche, there are 4 important steps/components for you to be aware of.

These include…

1. Your Giveaway (Freebie) Offer

You need to have something of value to give away to your site visitors. It should be compelling enough of a product to inspire your visitors to give you their email addresses in order to acquire it. When they do this, you’ve received an “opt-in.”

2. Your Squeeze Page

This is a simple, single web page that should include a compelling headline, a descriptive subheadline, a list of bulleted benefits, and an attractive product image and opt-in form. You should always strive to increase the effectiveness of this squeeze page (your opt-in rate) by constantly split testing.

3. Your Upsell (OTO) Funnel

While you can certainly use your own products or PLR products, I’ve found that simply linking from your thank-you page to a high-converting affiliate offer is the quickest, easiest, and most profitable way to do this.

And when you choose an affiliate offer that already has a great upsell funnel (with generous affiliate payouts) in place, then you can actually put yourself in a position where you’re GETTING PAID to build your list. A great place to be!

4. Your Traffic Generation

No eyeballs = no business, plain and simple. To get these eyeballs in front of your squeeze page, there are two powerful traffic generation methods that can yield you some extremely exciting results. These two methods are the KDP Method and Solo Ads.

Please Support By Sharing This List Building Tutorial

I hope you’ve gotten a whole lot of value from this list building tutorial training. And I sincerely look forward to providing you with tons of high-quality information in the near future. But in order to make that possible it would be a HUGE help if you could share this method by clicking one of the buttons below.  If not, not worries, but if you do I REALLY appreciate it!

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

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Shane Farrell

Shane Farrell

The “been there, done that” guy in the IM space. From SEO to Amazon and plenty in between, he eventually settled on list building and never looked back. Also a successful solo ad vendor and partner in one of the largest SMS companies back in the day, he’s since turned to sharing his personal techniques for list building by releasing quality products that have been smash hits in the market. Also a successful coach, Shane’s reputation for integrity is second to none.
Shane Farrell
About The Author

Shane Farrell

The “been there, done that” guy in the IM space. From SEO to Amazon and plenty in between, he eventually settled on list building and never looked back. Also a successful solo ad vendor and partner in one of the largest SMS companies back in the day, he’s since turned to sharing his personal techniques for list building by releasing quality products that have been smash hits in the market. Also a successful coach, Shane’s reputation for integrity is second to none.


  • Wendy

    Reply Reply May 11, 2015

    Hi. Awesome post you got there. I am starting to build my list and am intrigued by the KDP method. This is something I heard a few times by different “goo roos” and I could not help but wonder, if everyone starts publishing books on Amazon about list building (let’s say), won’t the market get flooded and your books obscured by everyone and their dog writing about list building?

    Looks like I just caught myself getting in my own way, ha ha! What the hell, it’s free to do and I have tons of ideas floating around in my head to start publishing on KDP. I’m gonna give this KDP thing a try. Forget “TRY”! I’ma do this! Thanks for the advice one more time. I’ll be sure to report back. Later!

  • Shane

    Reply Reply May 12, 2015

    Hope you do take action on this Wendy! We haven’t really found any resistance during the free promotion period with competition. So many other related niches also to list building that anything that has to do with “make money online” would be a good fit to drive traffic to your squeeze page or blog.

    Even a modest goal of one to two books a month will provide you with traffic for life. Much better than a solo ad which is one time versus KDP in which you can get fresh subscribers every 90 days. I’m sure you can see the potential when you have free books every single day that are driving traffic 😉

    Let us know how it goes for you!

  • Dale Reardon

    Reply Reply May 12, 2015


    I hadn’t heard of the KDP method before and very grateful for you explaining it. Already have the Kindle account all setup from a paid ebook that have been selling so this will be easier.

    We are targeting online beginners so a lot of topics we can write on.


    • Shane Farrell

      Reply Reply May 20, 2015

      Cool, glad to hear you can use that Dale. It’s a nice long term strategy so keep that in mind and let the traffic build over time. Let us know how it goes!

  • NJ

    Reply Reply May 22, 2015

    Great tutorial. I especially like the mentioning the importance of a good headline. Having good headlines is crucial to having a good opt in rate and also a good open rate. It’s important to contiously test your headlines. This is how you go from average to great.

  • Gary Stenzel

    Reply Reply May 22, 2015

    Wow! Much more info than I thought there would be here. This will all come in handy for me. There is more good stuff here than I have gotten in some paid products! LOL
    Keep up the great work!

    • Bryan Harkins

      Reply Reply May 22, 2015

      Thanks for the kind words Gary! Please come back and let us know about the results you get! There are obviously a lot of ways to build a list but these are the methods we have found to be best.

  • Abhilash Anandan

    Reply Reply June 26, 2015

    Great work! I’m sure you can make this into an E Book as well!

    Thank you so much.

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