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Outsource Like A Champ But...

Outsource Like A Champ But…

Everywhere you turn online, someone is praising the benefits of outsourcing it seems.

Once you start any type of online business, your daily “task list” just seems to grow. So of course it makes sense to outsource, right?

NOT ALWAYS! Especially, not at first. What the heck do I mean by that? Am I disagreeing with all the gurus and courses saying that outsourcing is the only way to go?

Not exactly. But it comes down to quality control, and I’ll argue all day long that if your quality sucks, so will your results. So let’s look at just some of the “tasks” that are good candidates for outsourcing:

Blog posts, article writing, video creation, video uploading, email writing, sales page creation, press releases, Facebook page posts, Social media engagement, content curation, customer support, etc.

Damn I’m tired just looking at that list! But here’s the thing: as much as people promise that outsourcing is the way to go…

It’ll actually COST YOU in terms of lost business if you don’t control the quality.

And if you’ve never uploaded a video to your YouTube channel, how do you know if your outsourcer is doing it correctly?
If you’ve never selected and placed relevant keywords in your articles, how can you check up on the quality of the work of the person you hire?

You don’t need to be an expert at any of these things. But you need to have a working knowledge. Meaning, ideally, you’ve done every one of these tasks at least once yourself.

So you can hold your outsourcers accountable. Check the quality of the work. And ensure above all else that your customers and prospects are getting the very best you have to offer.

Learn it once, then delegate it. Great rule to put in place.

This ain’t no mumbo jumbo theory either. I write copy on a regular basis for a couple of very well established online clients. I’m their outsourcer.

Every so often they’ll modify a headline or tweak a line of copy I’ve written. At first I was a tad insulted, until I realized something: these clients are doing their own quality control!

They’re making sure the work they outsource comes across just as they want it to. So rather than be insulted, now I’m confident that my clients are taking their outsourced work seriously. They’re in a position to modify the work because firstly they’re paying for it, and secondly: they know what the hell they’re doing!

Moral of the story? Know what the hell you’re doing with all aspects of your business. Once you’ve got a handle on that, outsource away but constantly monitor for quality.

n.b. no outsourcers were used in the creation of this post!

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