The Three Big Problems That Can Destroy Your Lead Page Conversion Rate

landing page conversions

Imagine investing the time and/or money it requires to set up a good lead page. You create a lead-magnet product. You get your autoresponder set up. And then you craft some sales copy that you’re sure will entice your prospects to rush your opt-in form. Except when you unleash all this magnificence on the world,…

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Five Quick and Easy Ways to Turn Your PLR Content Into a Unique Product

Repurpose PLR

Some people say using private label rights (PLR) content is a waste of time – but those are probably the same people who use it straight out of the box without any tweaks. Problem is, a whole lot of other people are doing the exact same thing. If you want to use content without making…

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Email Marketing Selling Without FEAR

Email Marketing

Seems like email marketing list owners tend to go one of two ways… First, you have the email marketers who blast their list with a steady stream of pitches. These guys and gals send promos to their lists every day, sometimes even twice a day. You know what? That might work if your readers know…

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20 Social Media Marketing Strategies, Hacks & Tips That WORK

social media marketing

Are you ALWAYS working to stay one step ahead of your competition? Do you constantly APPLY the latest social media marketing strategies to your business? Do you NEED to get MORE out of your social media marketing efforts? More traffic? More engagement? Higher ROI? More profits? If you are like us and always looking for ways to…

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Is Online Marketing Your 7pm to 2am Job? How To Make A Full Transition

Online Marketing

Often, people begin their online marketing efforts as a part time gig, with the transition of moving as soon as possible to full-time self-employment. Unfortunately, as time goes on, far too many people find themselves exactly where they started out: Coming home from a necessary day job they don’t particularly enjoy, and working on their…

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