Is Online Marketing Your 7pm to 2am Job? How To Make A Full Transition

Online Marketing

Often, people begin their online marketing efforts as a part time gig, with the transition of moving as soon as possible to full-time self-employment. Unfortunately, as time goes on, far too many people find themselves exactly where they started out: Coming home from a necessary day job they don’t particularly enjoy, and working on their…

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Sales Copy: Maximize Conversions By IGNORING Salesmen, Cheats & Liars

Sales Copy Stats

Like many, I have personal opinions about sales copy and sales pages in general. For instance, I really don’t like “video-only” sales pages, that force me to watch an entire video to get the message. I’m a scroller – and would much rather READ the key points than wait around to hear about them. But that’s…

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How to Automate Email Lead Generation

automate lead generation

This totally flips the script! Most people stay away from freelancing and offline marketing even though it’s easy money and a very low barrier to entry. The reason for this fear? Finding clients… Brian and I used to cold call and go door to door for small business clients. If you haven’t had the pleasure…

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The Current Content Marketing Ecosystem

Content Marketing Stats

Today’s competitive business environment encourages companies to reach potential customers in multifaceted ways. It isn’t enough for businesses to use traditional advertising strategies. Publishing ads in the newspaper and phone book will not get the job done. Instead, you need a digital strategy that lets you reach consumers online. A look at how much people trust…

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How to Stream Pre-Recorded Videos to Facebook Live for Free

Live Streaming on Facebook and YouTube is all the rage right now, and many people out there have not used it  because they don’t like filming live.  When you’re live, if you say or do something embarrassing or make a mistake, there is no going back and editing it out. There are a lot of…

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