How Dating Can Make You A Better Copywriter

tips for headlines

Seriously? Am I ACTUALLY encouraging you to date? Damn right I am! Even if you’re married, take your spouse out on a date. Not only will it do wonders for your relationship, it just might teach you a few things about creating amazing sales copy. How, you might ask? First impressions. You remember your first…

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How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Let me share a few easy strategies you can start using today to increase traffic to your website. More traffic equals more sales and this is where most people stall in internet marketing. Once you can control your traffic, the results can be endless. First tip on how to increase traffic to your website is…

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IS There A Moral High Ground With Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

Let’s not kid around. We’re ALL on lists where we get bombarded with affiliate marketing promotion after promotion on a daily basis from internet marketers. Where’s the line in the sand? What “standards” does an affiliate marketer adhere to when deciding what makes him or her decide to promote a certain product? The answer to…

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Simple Email List Building Strategies

I ALWAYS prefer the simple email list building strategies over the complicated. Simple has always worked best, less moving parts, easier to understand and it’s something that you’ll actually IMPLEMENT. If you are building your list using freebie seekers, meaning those subscribers who exchanged their email for a free gift of sorts and did not…

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How About Some List Building Secrets?

list building secrets

Everyone claims to have list building ‘secrets’ of one sort or another. Just head over and browse product titles in W+ or JVZoo. But really now, when is the last time people started sharing secrets to hundreds and thousands of people just to try to make a few bucks? I still buy training’s as I…

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