Are you making this HUGE email marketing mistake?

We all know it’s important for you to follow up with your potential customers and existing customers with your email marketing.

The number one mistake email marketing beginners make is not following up with their lists.

This unnatural fear to email has stopped many marketing careers short.

Remember, if you don’t email your list, someone else will.  When I first started I thought my emails were awful, and still working on getting to the level of the other IM Rebels who are much, much better than me but I want to show you how you can develop a better relationship with those customers.

But the truth is, most people aren’t doing this and the people that are following up aren’t doing it right.

Developing a relationship that feels like a personal one-on-one relationship to your customer is the secret  that will give you success that will make your  competitors envious.

But the BIGGEST mistake most people make when sending e-mail, is trying to sell them in your e-mail on anything  other than “the click”.

If you’re doing this, you must stop ASAP.

I can’t tell you how many emails I see that go on and on and on… trying to do the job of a sales letter.

BIG mistake!

The take away from this…

Stop trying to sell a product in the e-mail.

Sell your customer on just simply clicking through to  the website that will sell the product.

The same technique applies whether you’re writing PPC ads, writing Resource Boxes in articles, etc.

Your sole purpose is to “sell the click” and let the sales letter do it’s job.

Got it? 😉

The beauty of the IM Rebels is that all of us are successful but do things a little bit differently. Email marketing is one of those. I prefer to get the click and let the sales page do the work as I described above.

Lee paints one hell of a wild picture and tells you a story like a best friend from a crazy night out.

Mark prefers to pre-sell in his emails and educate the subscriber so they can make an informed decision on what is on the other side of that link.

Bryan, little bit of everything depending on mood.

Which is the right way to approach email marketing?

Great question and one we can’t answer. It is your business. What seems natural to you? What seems forced? Successful marketers can take a little bit of advice here and a little bit from there and create their own style that makes them unique and stand out to their subscribers.

Over time, this will develop for you as you discover your list’s personality and also grow as a marketer. Enjoy the ride!

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