Psychology of Profitable Marketing

Here’s the thing…

There are many ways to market out there.

Some people say write a perfect sales letter, hit all the pain points, and people will buy.

I’ve bought from sales letters like that before.

You probably have too.

And when you wake up the next morning… you have a little regret.

Because the product wasn’t all the fancy sales letter cracked it up to be.

So you never buy from that person again.

Who won?

No one.

You didn’t.

And they didn’t.

So how do you win?

By creating training people really want.

Then write a sensible sales letter that tells the what you created.

How it meets their needs.

With genuine language, not hype.

And when they buy…they will be hooked for life.

In the future, when you release a training, they won’t have to think twice.

If they know they need what you are teaching, they can confidently buy from you, knowing you deliver.

Which would you rather have, 1000’s of new customers that never buy again – and cost alot to get each new one –


a few hundred client that buy again and again.

Every time you release something new or who join your coaching program and stay in month after month.

What’s more profitable?

I know I prefer the person who just keeps coming back.

And to do it, your product has to rock.

Make it meet their needs.

They will be back.

Time and again.

Build a long term business, not one based on a quick sale like so many of the sales letters you see each day.

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