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Rebel Rants: Mark Loses His S@&t And Fumes About Focus - The IM Rebels

Rebel Rants: Mark Loses His S@&t And Fumes About Focus

In this initial edition of Rebel Rants, I go off on the topic of focus. Social media is great for marketing … but can be a bigger distraction than it’s worth.

Listen as I completely lose it when it comes to people and their excuses. From masterminds to cat videos, no topic is safe!

Then I’ll actually shares some tips to find extra time in your day to build YOUR business.

The main point is that social media – as powerful as it can be – is costing you time and money. Even if you THINK you’re being productive hanging out on FB, most of the time it’s a complete joke. Liking posts and commenting on what other people are doing is NOT making you money.

Unscripted and un-cut. This video comes with a PG-14 warning for language. This is a side of me you’ve NEVER seen before.

We’ll be shooting these unscripted rants and blabs on an ongoing basis. If there’s a side of IM that drives you nuts, share in the comments or post on our FB page. We’ll be sure to include it in an upcoming episode.

If excuses or lack of time have EVER kept you from reaching your online income goals, you’re going to want to watch this short video. Real eye opener:

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