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Simple Email List Building Strategies

Simple Email List Building Strategies

I ALWAYS prefer the simple email list building strategies over the complicated.

Simple has always worked best, less moving parts, easier to understand and it’s something that you’ll actually IMPLEMENT.

If you are building your list using freebie seekers, meaning those subscribers who exchanged their email for a free gift of sorts and did not buy anything, you need to choose a strategy on what to do after they are on your list.

Here is one email list building strategies you can choose from and get implemented:

Beginner Friendly Pay Per Lead Method

Pay Per Lead and Email Submit CPA programs are very similar. You send traffic to these landing pages, the subscriber enter’s their email address and you earn anywhere from $.50 to $2.00 for each email that gets submitted.

Load up at least two weeks of emails to be automatically sent each day. Allow your autresponder to work for you! Most of the PPL and CPA programs even give you email swipes so this is copy and paste and let automation rule the day. After the 14 days, the value of these subscribers is usually deminished so you can clickbank and adswap with them to get fresh subscribers who all go through your 14 day series and earn you money on multiple days by opting-in to other marketer’s lists.

You can spend the earnings on more traffic or use free traffic methods to get started while you grow your new email list building business.

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