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Stop Doing the Parts of Internet Marketing You Don't Enjoy

Stop Doing the Parts of Internet Marketing You Don’t Enjoy

Internet marketing should be fun for you.

You are working towards building passive income and you shouldn’t be trading time for dollars. They call that a JOB. If IM has become a job for you, time to stop doing the parts that are taking all your time and not leading to income and the parts you don’t enjoy.

When you work online doing IM, one of the perks is being your own boss and running a business that you created and that you are no doubt very proud of. This means that in theory, you should love what you do and even the way you do it – it leads to much better job satisfaction and far improved life satisfaction as a result.

But there are definitely challenges along the way. And one of the chief issues among these is the fact that even the best jobs in the world will have elements you don’t enjoy. And if you work entirely alone… then you’ll end up doing those parts yourself too.

Someone who runs a home business must wear many hats. That means you need to be an accountant, you need to be a marketer, you need to be salesperson – all this even if what you actually love is photography for example as your niche and passion!

All these things can detract from the enjoyment of running your own business and for these reasons it’s important to come up with a solution. Luckily, there are a few that you can pick from…


The first strategy when it comes to not doing the bits you don’t like, is to outsource those aspects to others. This doesn’t mean you have to expand your business necessarily – outsourcing is actually a big deal on the web these days and is pretty common practice. If you find a virtual assistant for instance, then you’ll be able to outsource matters like keyword research or booking appointments to them and it will often only cost a few dollars!

Changing Your Service

Another option is to change your service. If for instance you provide web design and you find yourself doing a lot of things you don’t like (like setting up WordPress) you may find that you’re better suited to doing graphic design. This way you can design logos and icons and not worry yourself with the coding or the mobile compatibility. Remember: you created the business to live the lifestyle you want, not the other way around. If it doesn’t quite fit… change it!


Another option is to automate the parts of the business you don’t like. One of the best ways of doing this if you work online is to buy a program that does all the little things you don’t like. And if you don’t know how, then that’s something you can outsource too!

Here are some of the resources we use for outsourcing:

1) Graphics and Ecovers

Fiverr is still our go to for a lot of graphic design, especially ecovers and logos. There’s no way you can create a cover as fast and as good as the guys we use. Plus it’s only $5.50 now so save yourself the trouble and outsource it.

For IM covers we use both https://www.fiverr.com/ravsingh and https://www.fiverr.com/nisha

For our Amazon Kindle covers, no one is better than Jessie: https://www.fiverr.com/pro_designx

For graphic sales pages, Nic Arnold is our man. You can reach him on FB:


2) Social Media

There are tons of programs to automate and effectively outsource your social media posting to software. You can mess around with one of the new shiny object pieces that come out weekly or do what we do to get it done with what we know to work.

IFTTT and/or OnlyWire. We use IFTTT to grab every new blog post and distribute to our own social media accounts for the Rebels and then OnlyWire for multiple distribution channels to sites that IFTTT doesn’t offer and also use it for YouTube ranking of videos. Ofter, one pop through OnlyWire is all it takes to rank your video for your main keyword on the first page. Provided you optimized and uploaded the video correctly.

3) Sales Page Copy

We are lucky that we have Mark as part of the Rebels since his skill set lies in copywriting. I have outsourced my sales copy in the past because it’s something that I hate to do and can better spend my time elsewhere. Stefan Ciancio is in our mastermind group and has done dozens of sales pages and stacks of WSOOTD copy for products in the IM niche. If you need someone to get you results, hit him up. https://www.facebook.com/ciancs

4) Technical Help

We all run into tech problems at one point or another. I used to waste literal HOURS on researching and trying to figure out coding and other integration issues myself. Now we have a tech guru on call that we pay hourly twice a month. We found him on https://www.upwork.com/ and it really has freed us up for more important tasks and it’s something none of us are really good at, enjoy or want to waste time on.

5) Product Set Up

If you are selling products using WarriorPlus or JVZoo, it can be really confusing and time consuming when starting out. Even now it’s easier to outsource and move onto more effective projects to build income like affiliate relationship building or adding to your email follow ups.  Both Mark and I have used Eric Lovelace’s product set up services and he is a ninja on the W+ and JVZoo platform and funnel building. Contact him on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ericlovelace25

If you ever need a reference for someone or something to help speed your business up and stop you from doing the things you don’t enjoy or take away from earning, hit us up in the comments and between us, we will find you the right solution for your task.

Have something in your internet marketing business that you like to outsource?

Share it with everyone in the comments also!

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