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The Case Against Analysis Paralysis

The Case Against Product Creation Analysis Paralysis

So, you’ve heard that product creation is a great way to start building an online income.

You heard right!

Yet so many times, well-intentioned people get stuck and frustrated. Many get so hung up on what to do, they never even start.

Let’s make sure that never happens to you. In the last post about product creation we discussed some easy ways to find ideas for your product.

Now let’s turn product creation ideas into a reality.

You really only need to remember one thing: KISS.

KEEP IT SIMPLE, SILLY! (Okay that last word is supposed to be “stupid” but I don’t want to insult anyone)…

What do I mean by that?

*** One problem, one solution. Many first time product creators have this crazy idea that they need to solve the ENTIRE internet earning challenge in one product. That’s enough to paralyze anyone. Instead, find one problem and then research ONE solution. That’s all most people want anyway.

*** Simple Delivery. Starting out I’d highly suggest an eBook or even cheat sheet. Add some images for visual relief. Trying to create an entire video series can be intimidating for someone brand new, and technical challenges can pop up that just lead to frustration.

If you really want to include video, just grab something relevant that already exists and make sure to give due credit. If I’m doing this I’ll even reach out to the creator for permission first, just to make sure I’m covered.

*** Niche WAY down. Going too broad leads people away from the “one product, one solution” concept we want to stick with. Let’s not try for a product that goes into 101 ways to build a list. Instead, go with one EFFECTIVE method and build your product around that.

So, KEEP IT SIMPLE and keep the above 3 points in mind, and you may be surprised at how easy and fun product creation can actually be.

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