The Money is in the list…BULLSHIT

That’s Right! I said it!

The Money is NOT in the LIST

You’ve probably heard it many times…”The Money is in the List”.   Well, I’m  calling Bullshit!  money is in the list bullshit

I have talked to PLENTY of people with big lists who are making almost NO MONEY from them!  Even some lists as big as 100k have given zero return.  If the money were REALLY in the list, then everyone with a big list would be rich.  But, that is not the case so that means the money is actually NOT in the list, or not every list at least.

Saying “the money is in the list” is like saying “The Money is in the Computer.”  Many people USE  computers to make a lot of money…but millions of people with computers will never use their computer to make money.  The same goes for lists;  you have to KNOW what you are doing, and you have to have a good strategy or you’re just going to waste your time and money.

Before you lose hope and give up on email marketing and list building, keep reading, because I’m going to show you how it is possible to make money from an email list.

You CAN be making money from email marketing.  There’s no get rich quick formula for it, and it will take some work, but the IM Rebels are here to help you.  Why should you listen to us?  Because we make money from our lists.

It wasn’t easy though.  It took trials and failures, money, blood, sweat and tears to get it right (ok maybe no blood was involved) but over the years we got it down to a science.

Lets take a look at how you can grow a list and make it profitable.

FIRST you have to pick a profitable niche.  If you already have your own business and use email marketing for your business, then you can skip this step.  If you want to make money from a list, but don’t know where to start, then start by picking a profitable niche.  Shane walks you through picking a profitable niche in this blog post.  After you think you have a profitable niche, then use our Profitable Niche Checklist to make sure it is profitable.

SECOND you need to grow your email list.  There is a LOT of things that go into growing a profitable email list.  There are many different ways you can profit from a list as well.   You don’t NEED a buyer’s list to make money from a list.  You can make $2-$5 per email subscriber without selling anything.  In our 5.5 hour video course we show you exactly how to do it. (Use that link for a 91% discount)

In order to grow a list, you’ll need a lead magnet.  A lead magnet is anything you use to attract leads.  A lead magnet can be anything from a coupon, to a free report, or a free sample/trial.

You’ll also need a converting opt in page, some targeted audiences, conversion pixels, a thank you page, a good follow up autoresponder series, list segmentation, and a solid strategy for self-perpetuating traffic and a solid remarketing strategy.  Got all that?

Great! You’re ready to build your list.

Not sure about some of the things in that list?

Don’t worry, there is a lot to cover when it comes to building a profitable list and most people don’t realize how much it takes to make a list profitable, so if you’re feeling lost we’re here to show you the way.

The  best way to learn how to grow a profitable list is our 8.5 hour course, Our Email Marketing Insider Strategies. (This is the cheapest we’ve ever given this course for, and the only place you can find this coupon is this that link on this page).  Or… if not ready to make the plunge yet, you can check out the following free IM Rebel resources for growing your list

  1. Our free Affiliate Marketing Cheat Sheet (which covers list building for affiliate marketing)  and our free training on how to drive traffic to grow your list)
  2. Our Traffic Methods for Buyers and Subscribers (self explanatory)
  3. Our blog posts on list building

THIRD thing you have to do is ENGAGE your list and turn them into buyers and brand advocates

And to do that effectively you need to understand your audience, you need to relate to them, you need to make them emotional, you need to entertain them.  To turn them into brand advocates, you need to reach out to them on social media and have a specific, profitable retargeting system set up.

We’ve got two excellent courses to help you with these things.  The first one is How to Automate Your Traffic, Exposure and Authority (free set it and forget it system)   and the second one is The Complete Retargeting Pixel Advertising Masterclass.

If I had to just pick one of the two, I’d go with the retargeting masterclass as that one is more specific for getting hot leads and making money from them. Plus, its almost 10 hours of video training covering everything you need to know to quickly grow a profitable list and how to reengage them with social media retargeting and email followups.

If you aren’t ready to apply the full retargeting course, here is a most excellent blog post by a retargeting master and he explains how to use retargeting to turn leads into profit.  (Its a 40 min training video and resources, which is a super condensed version of our full 10 hour course)

So there you have it.  The three things you need to do to make sure the money is in YOUR list.

Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with “The Money is NOT in the List”

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