The Power Of The Hybrid Email

Let me introduce William Fletcher to you all today. He is a member of our internet marketing mastermind group and one of the people we look to for content and blogging advice. He’s also a damn good email marketer who takes the time to understand and teach different strategies that will work with your specific list.

Take it away William…

Today I want to introduce you to a powerful email marketing technique I refer to as the hybrid email. Under this method of marketing you are using the approach of serve first, sell later. Now you might be saying “but William I have to make money.”

I hear you my friend…the bills have to be paid. But if you are in this for the long haul and not just trying to make a quick buck you are going to love the results you get with this technique.

They say on average that your email list should bring in $1 per subscriber per month. So if you have 1,000 subscribers you should be making $1,000 a month. 3,000 subscribers $3,000 a month. Not bad numbers but what if I told you that using the technique I am giving you today you can actually get something more like $5 per subscriber or more per month?

A list of 1,000 subscribers is now worth $5,000 a month.

Pretty powerful right?

Hybrid Email Serve First, Sell later

The idea behind the hybrid email is to serve first and sell later. Now this doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to sell in our emails. It just means that we are going to give them some quality content before we deliver the pitch. This makes it seem like quality content and not a sales pitch.

When you do this you are going to build a better relationship with your email list. This goes a long way in building up the trust factor your list has with you. In the beginning you may get less clicks and less opens but in the long run you’re going to get a better response from your list, more trust, and more sells.

In my opinion Trust = Profit

When your list trusts you that means more money for you.

Different types of Hybrid emails

There seems to be a common misconception that all promo emails have to have a certain format. Something like this:

  • Few sentences
  • Call to action
  • Few more sentences
  • Call to action
  • Few more sentences
  • Call to action
  • Sign off
  • P.S

That seems to be common practice. But the truth of the matter is that we can inject content in every email we send and provide value to our audience before making the pitch.

Hybrid Email 1

The first type is a very passive approach. This could be a normal content email that is part of your follow-up sequence. At the end of the email you are going to deliver a subtle promo link.

With this type of email you are truly trying to deliver awesome content and really give them value. Then at the very end when you sign off you have a subtle promo link.

For example:

Lets say you created a post sharing some of your favorite email marketing tricks. At the end you could simply add something like this: “Click here for more email marketing tips and tricks”

When people click on that link it would send them to a product of yours or a product you are promoting as an affiliate. This method also works really well by adding your promotion to your signature or as a P.S.

Hybrid Email 2

The second content email is similar to the first one but the transition to the promo is not going to be subtle. With this type of hybrid email you will first teach a lesson and then go into a promo email. Instead of casually linking to your promotion at the end you will transition from pure content to talking about the product you are promoting.

This type is what I would call the true hybrid email because the first half is content and the second half is a promo type email.

For example:

Recently I launched a product about how to create great content fast. In one of my promotional emails I sent out I gave my list some great content. I was teaching them about writing content on a daily basis and how quickly it can add up over a months time. Once I delivered value I transitioned to the promo. Remember serve first, sell later.

Here is what my transition looked like

“Here’s the thing…

I just released my latest training that is jampacked with awesome ideas to create content that builds your authority, grows your business, and most importantly brings in a steady flow of income.

If the thought of building your business by creating awesome content excites you…you are going to love this new training.

>> Learn how to create amazing content”

This email ended up being my highest performer on that product launch promotion.

Hybrid Email 3

The next Hybrid email style is one of my favorites. With this method you will send your subscribers a short email that sends them to a blog post on your website. You will deliver the content and at the end make a small promotion about where they can learn more or take the next step.

This works amazingly well because when you send someone to a blog post they’re expecting content from you. And when they get there that’s exactly what they’re going to get. But, we are also going to be doing a slight promotion at the end of the blog post. This is a great way to deliver great content and value to your subscribers but also sneak in a promotion.

And not only does this benefit you but it benefits your subscribers. You are giving them some great content and great value but at the same time you are telling them where they can learn more about that topic or take it to the next level. This is a win-win situation for both you and your subscriber.

In this video I break down the three hybrid email styles a little further:

Implement Hybrid Emails Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

I highly encourage you to implement this into your email marketing strategy. I think you will be amazed at the results. Through my testing I have found that my list responds really well to this. They know that when I send an email they are going to get something from it whether its a promotion or not. They have come to expect value and thats what I plan to give them.

This gets open rates high and people actually read your emails. Some teach about copywriting tips that trick people into opening. But how long is that effective? How long until people stop opening up and ignore your emails?

I would rather deliver value and win in the long run.

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