The POWERFUL Motivation Of The 4 Minute Lineup

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it … I am one IMPATIENT human being. Some would call this a fatal flaw, I call it a freaking ASSET, okay?

Sure, I can admit to other flaws. But impatient people inherently have a sense of URGENCY which means when they need to, they get stuff done. On time, every freaking time. And that’s a HUGE ASSET when you’re working for yourself OR even when contracting yourself out to others.

I do both. I’m impatient. It works for me. What the hell’s the point?

Lineups are the point. Lineups are about the worst thing ever invented. They absolutely, 100% suck. Even with smartphones and all the time-wasters we have at our fingertips, when you want to get out of the store or into the restaurant, lineups suck.

I’ve never met a lineup I didn’t want to punch in the face. Wow, and I’m supposed to be the nice one…

Okay, seriously Mark, what is the point?

When you work for yourself, lineups become an option, no longer an obligation. And I have the lineups in my past to thank for MOTIVATING me to want to work for myself.

Set your own hours. No need to grocery shop on a Saturday with 95% of the rest of the world. Forget about waiting for service in a bank.

Restaurant lineups? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Never again. Never could understand why people would lineup to get into one place when there’s another RIGHT NEXT door, but I guess that’s not the point.

Lineups are the point. They suck. They cause stress. Remove lineups, remove stress.

Recently someone quite close made an observation about me. He noted that of all the online marketers he knew, I was about the only one for which money was not my leading motivation. And he’s 100% correct.

My motivation? Freedom! Of time, space, and personal sanity. You realize by now how lineups negatively affect my mood. So now I’m done with ‘em!

In fact, if someone told me I had the choice to work for myself for the equivalent of minimum wage or work for ‘da man for 6 figures per year, I’d choose the former. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Without hesitation. There are some things money can’t buy, and freedom to me is one of them.

Let’s look at just one example. Working away today, I get a call mid afternoon from an absolutely lovely young lady. Wondering if I can get away for an hour to meet her for a drink on a patio, on a gorgeous day. No-brainer. Easy call. Fantastic break. That’s FREEDOM.

How about another example? My brother might be in town next week for a day or two. I don’t need to ask the boss for time off. I just schedule my tasks accordingly, and make sure I get to spend some quality time with him. Easy. Fun. Freedom.

I once had a 9-5 job right out of College. Didn’t stick. Wasn’t because I couldn’t handle the work, I just couldn’t handle the lifestyle.

And it all came down to that 4 minute lineup.

You know it well. Like that time when the person in front of you in the grocery store is digging for exact freaking change to pay for their stuff, seemingly oblivious to the world that is dying of impatience behind them.

That, my friend, is my motivator. I’ll never deal with that lineup again.

What’s YOUR motivator? What drives YOU to succeed online? We’d love to hear your story, so make sure to visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts.

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