There’s No “I” In Team … But There IS An “Me”

Really there are 2 types of folks in the world: team players and soloists. Nothing wrong with being in either camp, if you ask me.

It’s when someone is an extremist in either category that things can get a bit fiddly.

Take the lone wolf. If all this person EVER wants to do is work in complete isolation with no outside influence or support, they can lose out on some of the synergy that an effective team can bring.

Conversely, if someone ONLY ever works in a group environment, it can be difficult for them to assume a leadership role and remain productive when forced to complete projects on their own.

Historically, I’ve been the lone wolf type. Like to be responsible for my own stuff, create my own products, yada yada and all that…
Yet more recently I’ve embraced the concept of teamwork and learned something from it. IF you’re part of a GREAT team, amazing things can happen.

ESPECIALLY if each player is free to pretty much play their own game, as long as everyone is working towards a common goal.
But of course this only works when the team is made up of individuals that:
1.) Are good at getting stuff done on their own, and
2.) Like and respect one another, so that
3.) Each team member is given a fair bit of freedom in terms of their contributions

When you’re part of such a team of equally contributing players, amazing things can happen.
Not very long ago at all, Bryan, Shane, Lee and myself formed such a team. And we’re still pretty new, as a group. If you’ve been following along with our short history, you’ll have seen first hand the type of impact we’re trying to make.

Content galore and completely unbiased opinions on anything IM related.
More value packed info in some blog posts (check this traffic tip from Shane or this list building tutorial from Shane also) than are included in many paid products.

Fact is, it’s been easy AND fun. And super encouraging, because it’s amazing to see what a group of 4 like-minded individuals can create when they join forces.

Just look at Lee Murray: the guy is a creative genius. Gifted writer. With a heart of gold and there’s nothing he won’t do for his homies. Also known for cramming more value into one product than many vendors put into 3…

Bryan Harkins is a wonderkid that has more IM wisdom than many that have been in the game for a lot longer. Freaking hard worker as well.

Brian Gray is the practical marketer who tirelessly tweaks and tests methods on his own sites and clients before teaching others to make sure they work and can be duplicated.

Shane Farrell is, you ask me, the complete package. Not sure I’ve ever met a guy with his head screwed on straighter (that’s a good thing). What you see is what you get with Shane. He outworks the hardest workers out there and has the inherent marketing savvy to get results every time.

Which leaves yours truly. Prior to joining The IM Rebels I thought I was the cat’s pyjamas. Since joining up with these fellas, I sometimes feel like the weakest link. And I’m not an exact stranger to positive results in the internet marketing space. Kind of gives you an idea of just what these guys bring to the table.

For example, we’re obviously just starting out and getting our brand out there. This involves a lot of stuff both on the front and back ends. Shane and Bryan are combining forces to do more tech stuff behind the scenes than I’ll ever understand.

Meanwhile Lee is spreading the message like only Lee Murray can. And I’m trying to keep up and bring the value.

What’s the point?
Being part of a winning team can bring you fantastic results, much more so than going solo ever could (unless you’re some kind of robotic genius who never needs sleep and accomplishes tasks faster than a supercomputer)…

So if you’ve been on the fence about creating strategic alliances, I’d say go for it. Just go in with an open mind and put some loose guidelines in place early. You just might be amazed at the results you and your team can achieve.

If you want a bit more info on what makes up the players of this team, check out our About the IM Rebels Page right here…

And the really great part? The IM Rebels would love to be supporting players in your IM journey. We’re going to be right here, sharing the value with fresh updates every week.

Want to get The IM Rebels on YOUR side? Well you can get started by picking up this amazing free guide right here!

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